Using Multiple Copies Of A Question

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Sometimes, particularly if you are creating a worksheet, you might want to use multiple copies of a question so your students can practice a skill. For example, you might want to create a worksheet full of simultaneous equation questions to be done by elimination, resulting in integer solutions like the following.



FX Library contains a parametized question that does exactly this (FX202012231019.docx). You can put this into your document (don't forget the fully worked solutions) and regenerate!


You paste in the question three times, push regenerate and get...




Not quite what you need! But it DOES make sense. Regenerating updates EVERY object in a document that shares the same set of parameters. All three copies share parameters - so they all get the same update.


What we need to do is to give each version of the question its own set of parameters.


1.        Paste the question (and its solutions) ONCE.

2.        Select the question and push the Reparametize button. This will go through and create a new parameter set for the question - updating all objects. This gives your first question its own parameters to work with.

3.        Paste the question (and its solution) again. The second copy will have the old parameters connected.

4.        Select the second copy and reparametize to give it its own set of parameters.

5.        Finally, paste the third copy in. This will have the old parameters connected but that's OK as they are different to the first two copies.


You now have three separate questions (and solutions), each with its own set of parameters that can be regenerated independently.