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Vectors are entered as <2,3>.  They can be added, subtracted and combined with a point.  See regional issues


For example:


(-2,-3) + <4,7> + <3,-3> - <4,0>




Polar Vectors

If you prefix one of the vectors/points with a P, the graph tool will interpret the points and vectors as polars.  You must enter any angles using the current angle measurement (degrees or radians).


p(1,pi) + <2,pi/3> - <6,-pi/4>





Vectors can contain constants which are discussed later in this manual.  You can enter a vector of <-3a,b> for example.



Regional Issues


If you use a comma as a decimal point (eg 3,2) you must use a semicolon to separate the two coordinates.


(-2;-3) + <4;7> + <3;-3> - <4;0>