What The Style Descriptors Mean

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Each button has a small description of that font style.




1.This is the font that will be applied to all of the text in your objects including the equations. If you use this and then look at where you have typed in your information, it will ALL be Arial. Your equation formatting occurs later.
2.If the descriptor includes a size in brackets, all of your text will be set to that text size. This is optional.
3.Here you are shown the font your equations are being standardized to - in this case Times New Roman. Standardizing equations is optional. If you do not standardize your equations they will appear rendered in whatever font you have selected.
4.If you see a size in brackets after your equation, this means that your equations are being standardized to this font size as well as font. We do not recommend this as it tends to confuse users, but it is available if you want to ensure that all of your equations are formatted the same way.


The application of your font and optional font size occur once, when you select the font style. They can be changed later by selecting part of your text and changing the font. It you choose to standardize the font for equations, it will happen from this point onwards.