3D Objects

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FX Draw can draw 3D objects which can be rotated on screen. These are not flat shapes, but full 3D representations of objects.




Select the 3D object tool and then sweep out a rectangle. FX Draw will draw the current 3D object inside the rectangle.




Rotating The Object With the Mouse

Click inside the rectangle and move the mouse whilst holding down the left mouse button. The 3D object will move with the mouse


Rotating The Object With the Keyboard

Your 3D object can be rotated using the keyboard.


X and Shift X rotate the object around the x Axis
Y and Shift Y rotate the object around the y Axis
Z and Shift Z rotate the object around the z Axis


Resetting the Axes

The arrow keys will align the object with some predefined projections.  The arrow keys by themselves use isometric projections. The arrow keys combined with the Shift key will use oblique projections.


Changing the Object

Right click on the image and select a new object from available objects.




Rendering the Object

FX Draw can render objects using four different styles. You can also turn off hidden lines.






Colouring One Face

You can select one face using the mouse and change its colour individually.