Column Types

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The stat tool supports five different types of columns:


Data Columns




Data columns are used to enter raw data and are indicated with an "x" under the title.


Frequency Columns




Frequency columns are used in conjunction with group columns and data columns to indicate frequencies of data. In the example, column B holds frequencies that relate to the data in column A.   Frequency columns are indicated with a "f" under the title.


Group Columns




Group columns hold the bounds for grouped data.  They need to be associated with a frequency column to hold data.  Group columns are indicated with "10-20" under the title.


Label Columns




Label columns hold text that will be used as labels for some graph types.  Label columns are indicated with "ABC" under the title.


Formula Columns




Formula columns operate a little like a traditional spreadsheet.  Formula columns are automatically updated when the source data is changed.  In the example, column B is a formula column that is operating the formula "= 2A".  Whenever data in column A is changed, column B is automatically updated.  Formula columns are indicated with "=" under the title.