Function Graphs

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The graph tool allows you to draw graphs of Cartesian, polar, parametric, implicitly defined and inverse functions.


FX Draw shares the graphing tool with FX Graph and a full discussion on how to use it is included in Quick Entry Screen



Available Parameters for Function Graphs


$f1                - definition of function

$point                - coordinates of point of interest


when annotating a point of intersection

$f2                - definition of second function in intersection


when annotating an integral

$integral        - definite integral

$equation        - definition of integral function

$area                - area of definite integral

$upper        - upper bound of integral

$lower                - lower bound of integral


when annotating a tangent line

$slope                - gradient of tangent line

$equation        - definition of derivative function

$tangentline        - equation of tangent line

$at                - point at which tangent line touches function

$intercept        - y intercept of tangent line