Installation Notes For Network Administrators

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Internet Access Preferred

Efofex Graphics ID require our products be given access to the Internet. They use this access for two crucial purposes:


Synchronizing the local database to our servers. This allows your teachers to use their graphics on any Mac or Windows computer seamlessly. Most graphics use about 1 kilobyte of data to synchronize so this will not create a large load on your link.
Interrogating our registration server to determine the current status of your subscription.  This occurs once per invocation of the program moves about 1 kilobytes of data.


The software CAN operate without Internet access and will synchronize data and check its registration at the earliest opportunity.



New Registration System

The introduction of Modern Mode graphics also sees the introduction of a new accounts-based registration system.


The new system pairs your registered name with a "passcode". This allows our products to interrogate our registration server and determine your current license status.


The main advantage of this system is that you only need to enter the passcode once. Our previous registration code system required you to distribute a new code to all computers whenever a subscription was extended. The new system requires no further action on your part. If you extend a subscription, we update our registration server and all computers logged in to your account will automatically download the new subscription details the next time the programs are started.



Mac Installations

Installing an Efofex produce on multiple Mac computers does not need to create a large workload for system administrators. The applications are self-contained can be copied across computers without impediment. There are no specific installation requirements. Copying registration information across computers takes a little more work. 


Installing a License on Multiple Mac Computers

The easiest way to license multiple computers is to provide your users with the registered name and passcode. Users can enter the information themselves (the information only needs to be entered once) and then all future licensing will be carried out automatically.


Alternatively, you can automatically register multiple computers using the following procedure.


1.        Register the software on one computer.


2.        This will create a registration file in:


 %currentuser%/Library/Application Support/Efofex/fxregistration.ini


3.        It is best to strip the Username from this file so that new users are not registered to the same username. Remove the line


 User=**** (the asterisks represent whatever username the user may have created)


4.        Consider changing the AllowRegistration line to AllowRegistration=false. This will prevent normal users from changing the settings.


5.        Copy your modified file to


 Users/Shared/Efofex Registration Data/fxregistration.ini


 on any computer you wish to automatically register. The software will automatically register itself when first loaded.