Installation Notes (Windows)

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Administrator Privileges

Efofex products require Administrator privileges in order to install and save their registration information.  We recommend that if you have purchased a registration code, you enter it during installation to combine these two procedures.  If you are installing the software on a networked computer the software will probably need to be installed by your IT coordinator.  You do NOT need administrator privileges to run Efofex products normally.



Integrating Efofex Products into Word (Windows)

Note that with the release of Modern Mode graphics, integration with Word is far less crucial. You only need to complete this step if your users are using Efofex products as OLE objects.


Some users will want to integrate our products into Word. From December 2015, we are no longer able to perform this integration for All Users of a computer due to security changes implemented by Microsoft. For this reason, we have removed the integration from the installer and integration is now performed by the user as needed.


Users can choose integrate from the Help menu at any time.




Both of these options place a copy of the Efofex dotm files (stored in the Efofex program subdirectory) into the Word startup location in the User’s Roaming profile


(usually C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\Startup)


This process does not require administrator permissions. The template files will be loaded the next time Word starts.


From a support point of view, the only involvement you are likely to have is to remind users to use the Integration option from the Help menu if they choose No on the initial screen.



Unlocking the Software

Your subscriptions for Efofex products are provided as a Registered Name and Passcode


If you are evaluating the software and wish to purchase:


Choose the license you require.  For a full description of the licenses available, read the license information on our website.
Contact Efofex or your local distributor by post, fax or email for the latest prices.  Alternatively the latest prices are available from our web site at
Purchase a passcode from Efofex or your local distributor and use the instructions below to register your copy.


Unlocking the Software


From the Help menu choose Log In Account...
Press the Enter Code button.  The Enter Code window will appear.
Type in your Registered Name and Unlock Code as provided by Efofex.  If you have a full site or distribution subscription, you will also be offered a place to create a user name. Your initials make a good username.




Once you have successfully validated your code, any products which you have a valid subscription for will operate after the 30 day evaluation period.