Installation Notes For Network Administrators

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Internet Access Preferred

Efofex Graphics ID require our products be given access to the Internet. They use this access for two crucial purposes:


Synchronizing the local database to our servers. This allows your teachers to use their graphics on any Mac or Windows computer seamlessly. Most graphics use about 1 kilobyte of data to synchronize so this will not create a large load on your link.
Interrogating our registration server to determine the current status of your subscription.  This occurs once per invocation of the program moves about 1 kilobytes of data.


The software CAN operate without Internet access and will synchronize data and check its registration at the earliest opportunity.



New Registration System

The introduction of Modern Mode graphics also sees the introduction of a new accounts-based registration system.


The new system pairs your registered name with a "passcode". This allows our products to interrogate our registration server and determine your current license status.


The main advantage of this system is that you only need to enter the passcode once. Our previous registration code system required you to distribute a new code to all computers whenever a subscription was extended. The new system requires no further action on your part. If you extend a subscription, we update our registration server and all computers logged in to your account will automatically download the new subscription details the next time the programs are started.



Windows Installation Online Command Line Generator

The easiest way to install Efofex products on to a large number of networked computers is to use our online command line generator. This creates a customized command line that will install FX Draw Tools or FX Science Tools onto computers and includes all registration details which permits you to install pre-registered versions.


The command line generator tool can be found at




Silent Installs (Windows - Deprecated)

The easiest way to create a suitable command line is to use our Online Command Line Generator. The information on this page will only be required in a limited number of situations.


Efofex provides installers for our products that can be installed and licensed using a command line interface.  This allows network administrators to automate the installation of our products.


Command Line Interface


Efofex product installers can use the following command line parameters:


Use a central licence server location


Create a local licence file with a given name (used with /Passcode)

/Code, /Passcode

Create a local licence file with a given passcode (used with /Name)

/Silent, /VerySilent

Run the installer silently or very silently


Can be used to disable desktop icons


Control which products are installed.


Control the installation directory for the software


Not normally needed.  Can be used to suppress the “Word is Open” dialog box.


Not normally needed


Used to manually register computer when no connectivity is available. Only use this option after consultation with Efofex.


Prevent Installer from installing Visual C++ support files.


Restrict the user's access to account management functions.



Usage: /Licences="x:/dirname"

Allows the product to use a licence server.  You will find more details on using licence servers later in this document.

Enter the location you wish to centrally store your licence files. This can be on a mapped drive (/Licences="D:/Licences/Efofex") or on a drive accessed with a UNC name (/Licences="//licenceserver/efofex").  You can use forward slashes (as shown) on Windows machines. If you choose to use back slashes, you need to enter them doubled as they are interpreted as escaped characters (/Licences="D:\\Licences\\Efofex" or /Licences="\\\\licenceserver\\efofex")



Usage: /Name="Yourtown Secondary College"

Used in conjunction with /Passcode

You will use the /Name /Passcode parameter pair to install your licenses onto the local machines.  You will find more details on using local license installations later in this document.


/Code, /Passcode

Usage: /Passcode="109B4"

Used in conjunction with /Name


/Silent ,/VerySilent

Instructs Setup to be silent or very silent. When Setup is silent the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. When a setup is very silent this installation progress window is not displayed.  You will usually use /VerySilent



The main use for this command is to disable the creation of desktop icons.

Usage: /Tasks="!Desk"

You can also use it to add quick access buttons to the taskbar

Usage: /Tasks="Quick"


Usage (FX Draw Tools): /Components="Draw,Equation,Graph,Stat"

Usage (FX Science Tools): /Components="Chem,Equation,ChemStruct”

If this parameter is missing, the installer will install all components.  If, for example, you wished to install only FX Draw and FX Equation from FX Draw Tools, you would use /Components="Draw,Equation"



Usage: /Dir="x:\dirname"

Overrides the default directory name displayed on the Select Destination Location wizard page. A fully qualified pathname must be specified.  Note that back slashes should NOT be doubled for this parameter.  If this parameter is missing, the installer will install into the machine’s program files directory.  This will normally be C:\Program Files (x86)\Efofex



Not normally required but can be used to suppress the “Word is Open” dialog box.


Instructs Setup to suppress message boxes. Only has an effect when combined with '/SILENT' or '/VERYSILENT'. The default response in situations where there's a choice is:


-Yes in a 'Keep newer file?' situation.

-No in a 'File exists, confirm overwrite.' situation.

-Abort in Abort/Retry situations.

-Cancel in Retry/Cancel situations.

-Yes (=continue) in DiskSpaceWarning, DirExists, DirDoesntExist, NoUninstallWarning, ExitSetupMessage, ConfirmUninstall situations.


3 message boxes are not suppressible:


-The About Setup message box.

-The Exit Setup? message box.

-Any (error) message box displayed before Setup (or Uninstall) could read the command line parameters.



Not normally required

Prevents the user from cancelling during the installation process, by disabling the Cancel button and ignoring clicks on the close button. Useful along with '/SILENT' or '/VERYSILENT'.



This option allows you to manually license computers in situations where connectivity is not available. To use it you must have received a manual registration block from Efofex. We STRONGLY recommend that you instead work to fix the connectivity issue rather than use this option.


To use the option, remove the [registration] and [\registration] tags from the registration block provided by Efofex. Usage is then in the format


/manual="0sQ1`P17eL8YG#qG6}-I;zn(f!IWdgp6x}=o(G0L)^vvM'U{(i2;V8vPmx]HO:5;cVB27Bea@>N>`ZT];fh,vNRZ60lilYU5P[nXH4!]p0^_ jL?Y^4sSTHK,2su}HS`&En#Vf.Ye0toP=l8YlxZ#]Ys5Vmc`-H_KuHc&7IJk{?5W{bP'i@3{NAdMWg}a8b6{M<*zKFx<:mY2iyn^Y*Qm{XZ:a^$?8U9%1<;hf!G,w?i;HFVNK=|-ELg]hAW;H<W-YeQzP=6a--t6(oe[lk5vcSaKY1m{M2ebXbFXiFK)_Kc31<m)Q3[Bb95G?2uoK19hiVH|I~5:uZ^m_h_IGy9sxiSVBfa`Q~?K*7CjaKKJ|a&xv!*Pv4& 9zP9HNci k5$g~`kyW||l=_=|iT6w)bEbOZ$8V4?/TJL#N(|f<b8`^8s}8Ern~XPwG<5)(`kbnG6X`=UW$R[7p S=vmw:&z1Y,JuB[Bs9eq#3!X%9Mc/%&_@{ema$#5u]PXKuEI})4Yz_UG)mHuFuMY/*C;kuf|=:`[V?kKkLN&vqc5Sl,&f:#I14 7^?$yHP]t~s!M`aiiPPSGo:tQgB>X<N&m =,s=?r_L$5&E:X{YY!wDUmjm9H=~nTJt6&qE|L^By4Q]11[~O.rt~?#^GQ5G1kl4<n)D$@.sCwHD6et!uT~C .e3t5Bjky.R{DWn#EWb5Hho{z?w<:}UkHB,0b7iF|Er7TK#FYT|*FlbV!xFr^Wiln2Xo(L}hDf4ca/FwGtwQ3d^JAc3~{FT/w~h?2CiMi~sotq|Uu[H?KcoEba g-FBNrRm&c`),yLA BnQzy/:#8iw06ZC8SLrbo@tBGJyE>l-X_v)pkuKb?Q/{y71B^Dmm6XL^]/>.5GjzLxoo32rL^BEMYW_Z%o(4Ve70k3qk%[I|"



Including this flag prevents the installer from checking if the appropriate Visual C++ redistributable is installed on your system. This can prevent some issues that occur when your are using mandatory profiles. Please note that this does NOT remove the requirement for these files to be present. If you choose use this flag, you are taking on responsibility for ensuring that the appropriate files are pre-installed. Normally, this flag should ONLY be used after consultation with Efofex.



Including this flag (normally in combination with /Name and /Code) restricts the user's access to account management functions. When the user runs the software they will not be able to Check for Updates, Manage Account, Renew Subscription or Order. This is often useful in a networked environment.



Installing FX Draw and FX Equation from FX Draw Tools using a central licence server and default installation directory


FXDrawTools.exe /verysilent /Licences="//licenceserver/efofex" /Tasks="WordInt,AllUsers" /Components="Draw,Equation"


Installing FX Science Tools with a local licence file, in a custom installation directory and limiting their access to account management.


FXScienceTools.exe /verysilent /Name="Yourtown Secondary College" /Passcode="112B3" /Dir="D:\Applications" /Limit


Installing FX Draw Tools using a manual registration block.


FXDrawTools.exe /verysilent /Name="Yourtown Secondary College" /Passcode="112B3" /manual="0sQ1`P17eL8YG#qG6}

-I;zn(f!IWdgp6x}=o(G0L)^vvM'U{(i2;V8vPmx]HO:5;cVB27Bea@>N>`ZT];fh,vNRZ60lilYU5P[nXH4!]p0^_ jL?Y^4sSTHK,2su}HS`&En#V



&xv!*Pv4& 9zP9HNci k5$g~`kyW||l=_=|iT6w)bEbOZ$8V4?/TJL#N(|f<b8`^8s}8Ern~XPwG<5)(`kbnG6X`=UW$R[7p S=vmw:&z1Y,JuB[Bs9

eq#3!X%9Mc/%&_@{ema$#5u]PXKuEI})4Yz_UG)mHuFuMY/*C;kuf|=:`[V?kKkLN&vqc5Sl,&f:#I14 7^?$yHP]t~s!M`aiiPPSGo:tQgB>X<N&m 

=,s=?r_L$5&E:X{YY!wDUmjm9H=~nTJt6&qE|L^By4Q]11[~O.rt~?#^GQ5G1kl4<n)D$@.sCwHD6et!uT~C .e3t5Bjky.R{DWn#EWb5Hho{z?w<:}

UkHB,0b7iF|Er7TK#FYT|*FlbV!xFr^Wiln2Xo(L}hDf4ca/FwGtwQ3d^JAc3~{FT/w~h?2CiMi~sotq|Uu[H?KcoEba g-FBNrRm&c`),yLA BnQzy





Registering Large Numbers of Computers (Windows - Deprecated)

The easiest way to create a suitable command line is to use our Online Command Line Generator. The information on this page will only be required in a limited number of situations.


Option 1

The easiest way to register a large number of computers is to use the /Name and /Passcode parameters on a silent, command line install.


FXDrawTools.exe /verysilent /Name="Yourtown Secondary College" /Passcode="112B3" /Limit


This will install the software in the default location and save a registration file for all users on the computer. Our new, accounts-based registration code system means that you will not need to repeat this process.


Option 2

The passcode and name are stored in FXRegistration.ini which is stored in the program installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Efofex by default). You can register a new computer by copying this file to the program installation directory on the new computer. This file has the following format



Name=Yourtown Secondary College



You can manually create this file or copy it from a previously registered computer.


Option 3

You can ask individual users to register themselves. Any user-entered registration (which will be done without Administrator rights) will be saved in the User's Roaming Profile and will not be available to any other users on the same computer.


Option 4 (With No Connectivity)

The easiest way to register a large number of computers is to use the /Name, /Passcode and /Manual parameters on a silent, command line install.


FXDrawTools.exe /verysilent /Name="Yourtown Secondary College" /Passcode="112B3" /Manual="0sQ1`P17eL8YG#qG6}

-I;zn(f!IWdgp6x}=o(G0L)^vvM'U{(i2;V8vPmx]HO:5;cVB27Bea@>N>`ZT];fh,vNRZ60lilYU5P[nXH4!]p0^_ jL?Y^4sSTHK,2su}HS`&En#V



&xv!*Pv4& 9zP9HNci k5$g~`kyW||l=_=|iT6w)bEbOZ$8V4?/TJL#N(|f<b8`^8s}8Ern~XPwG<5)(`kbnG6X`=UW$R[7p S=vmw:&z1Y,JuB[Bs9

eq#3!X%9Mc/%&_@{ema$#5u]PXKuEI})4Yz_UG)mHuFuMY/*C;kuf|=:`[V?kKkLN&vqc5Sl,&f:#I14 7^?$yHP]t~s!M`aiiPPSGo:tQgB>X<N&m 

=,s=?r_L$5&E:X{YY!wDUmjm9H=~nTJt6&qE|L^By4Q]11[~O.rt~?#^GQ5G1kl4<n)D$@.sCwHD6et!uT~C .e3t5Bjky.R{DWn#EWb5Hho{z?w<:}

UkHB,0b7iF|Er7TK#FYT|*FlbV!xFr^Wiln2Xo(L}hDf4ca/FwGtwQ3d^JAc3~{FT/w~h?2CiMi~sotq|Uu[H?KcoEba g-FBNrRm&c`),yLA BnQzy



Note that the manual registration block will be provided to you by Efofex


This will install the software in the default location and save a registration file for all users on the computer. The lack of connectivity will mean that this process will need to be repeated for any new license.



Restricting User Options (Windows - Deprecated)


The easiest way to create a suitable command line is to use our Online Command Line Generator. The information on this page will only be required in a limited number of situations.


If you install using the command line interface, add /Limit to the command line and users will not be able to perform account management tasks or check for updates.



Integrating Into Word (Windows Only)

Note that with the release of Modern Mode graphics, integration with Word is far less crucial. You only need to complete this step if your users are using Efofex products as OLE objects.


Some users will want to integrate our products into Word. From December 2015, we are no longer able to perform this integration for All Users of a computer due to security changes implemented by Microsoft. For this reason, we have removed the integration from the installer and integration is now performed by the user as needed.


Users can choose integrate from the Help menu at any time.




Both of these options place a copy of the Efofex dotm files (stored in the Efofex program subdirectory) into the Word startup location in the User’s Roaming profile


(usually C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\Startup)


This process does not require administrator permissions. The template files will be loaded the next time Word starts.


From a support point of view, the only involvement you are likely to have is to remind users to use the Integration option from the Help menu if they choose No on the initial screen.



Mac Installations

Installing an Efofex produce on multiple Mac computers does not need to create a large workload for system administrators. The applications are self-contained can be copied across computers without impediment. There are no specific installation requirements. Copying registration information across computers takes a little more work. 


Installing a License on Multiple Mac Computers

The easiest way to license multiple computers is to provide your users with the registered name and passcode. Users can enter the information themselves (the information only needs to be entered once) and then all future licensing will be carried out automatically.


Alternatively, you can automatically register multiple computers using the following procedure.


1.        Register the software on one computer.


2.        This will create a registration file in:


 %currentuser%/Library/Application Support/Efofex/fxregistration.ini


3.        It is best to strip the Username from this file so that new users are not registered to the same username. Remove the line


 User=**** (the asterisks represent whatever username the user may have created)


4.        Consider changing the AllowRegistration line to AllowRegistration=false. This will prevent normal users from changing the settings.


5.        Copy your modified file to


 Users/Shared/Efofex Registration Data/fxregistration.ini


 on any computer you wish to automatically register. The software will automatically register itself when first loaded.