Request Windows Network Installation Command Line

This tool provides you with customised command lines that will help you install the software on Windows networks.

This tool constructs customised command lines for easy networked installations. The command lines that the tool constructs are suitable for use in the vast majority of situations but even more options can be found here.


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Word Integration
Integration into Word is done in each user's profile when the user runs one of our products from the start menu.

MultiDocs Integration Required for users who wish to use our new parameters system or share graphics with Mac users.
Classic Word Integration Suitable for long-term users with large collections of "classic mode" graphics. Users can individually manage their integration after running the software
No Integration: Not Recommended.

Other Options
Restrict Users: This option stops users from being able to access the account management functions. This is commonly used in networked installations.

Allow Data Uploads: This option allows the software to back up your graphics on to our servers. This is not required for most functionality and is usually not needed in a school situation.

Restrict ALL Connectivity: This option prevents the software from making any connections to the Internet. Please note that this greatly restricts the functionality of the products and is NOT RECOMMENDED. Please only use if you are having issues with authenticated proxy servers.


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