FX Science Tools

Efofex's High Productivity Toolkit for Chemistry and Physics Teachers

FX Science Tools provide chemistry and physics teachers with highly efficient means of creating equations and chemical structures for use just about anywhere - particularly Microsoft Word. Just type and create.

Draw Physics and Chemistry - FX Draw

FX Draw FX Draw is the ultimate tool for drawing physical science graphics. Just about any graphic that a science teacher will ever need can be drawn using FX Draw's highly specialized tools. FX Draw is incredibly efficient and versatile. Best of all, it is supported by people who have been in the classroom and know exactly what you need.

Type Science - FX Equation

FX Equation No one uses equation editors more than teachers. What they need is high efficiency but most equation editors provide every conceivable feature in an incredibly slow package. FX Equation is different. You just type and FX Equation does all the hard work. No other equation editor comes close to the speed of FX Equation.

Automate Test Creation - MultiDocs

MultiDocs MultiDocs takes the power of FX Draw and FX Equation to the next level. The ability to build (or use someone else's) self-modifying Word documents (MultiDocs) will massively improve your productivity. MultiDocs are a truly gamechanging technology.

Trial Versions

These trial versions work in exactly the same way as the registered versions, they just overlay a watermark over all graphics. Logging in to the software with your account details turns them into full versions. Try out all of the features in FX Science Tools.

Keep It Simple - FX Chem and FX ChemStruct

FX ChemFX ChemStruct FX Chem and FX ChemStruct are included in FX Draw and FX Equation but are also separated out as separate products. This makes them ideal for use by students or teachers who are looking for a less complicated way of quickly drawing chemical equations and structures.

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