What Are MultiDocs?

And How To Get Started

MultiDocs Are Just Word Documents

The only difference is that any included Efofex drawings and equations can be be made to be self-modifying. You can write questions that "change the numbers" at a push of a button. You write ONE question (and even a solution) but have access to multiple variations. In fact it is fairly easy to create documents that can transform themselves in billions of different ways!

One Document. Multiple Versions. That's a MultiDoc.

Incredibly Flexible

MultiDoc creators have access to all of the power of FX Draw and FX Equation. Just about every aspect of diagrams and equations can be made modifiable. The options are almost unlimited.

Alternatively, you can just keep using Efofex products to create mathematical documents as you always have. You don't HAVE to learn anything unless you want to.

All The Power Of Word

MultiDocs Are Just Word Documents. All the power and flexibility of Word can be applied to MultiDocs. You get to use a product you know well in a new, more powerful way.

Accessible For Everyone

FX Draw and FX Equation are specialized tools that do a complicated job. Many teachers can not find the time to learn how to use them to their full potential. MultiDocs put that power into a format that is accessible to everyone. You can use a MultiDoc to create a new version of a test, worksheet or exam without knowing how to use our specialized products.