Setting Up For MultiDocs

Getting the Latest Versions

To use MultiDocs, you need to do two things: Make sure that you are using a current download and install the new toolbar into Word.

Download Now!

Efofex is constantly working on our products and new versions are released regularly. We do not automatically update your version (school IT departments don't like autoupdates!) so a regular trip to our downloads page is worthwhile. Run the download to install the latest versions of our products

Note: Many school IT departments insist on downloading and installing updates themselves. You may need to contact your IT department to access the latest versions.

Install the New Toolbar

MultiDocs rely on a new Word toolbar. Windows users have long had access to a (classic mode) toolbar but we replace this for MultiDocs. The MultiDocs toolbar is first time Mac users have had access to an Efofex toolbar. The MultiDocs edition of the download installs the toolbar automatically.

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