FX Library - Example Documents

Your Best Source of MultiDocs

Efofex Parameters are extremely versatile and powerful and the best way to learn about them is to examine examples of what can be done. Efofex has developed FX Library which is a constantly growing collection of example questions and documents created with parameters. Not only are they your best source of examples of parameters, the documents are a fantastic source of materials that you can freely use to develop your own materials, or even just use the documents directly in your teaching.

FX Library is your first and best source of MultiDocs.

When looking at FX Library, you can search by topic or subtopic. When you select a line on the table, you will be able to view the document in the bottom half of the screen and download it if you wish.

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Documents in FX Library are copyright but there are almost no limits to use by subscribers. You can find more information in Copyright Information For Subscribers

The easiest way to access FX Library is to push the library button on the Word toolbar