Moving To MultiDocs

Long Term Mac User

Finally! A Word Toolbar For Mac Users

Dynamic Documents

You Have Waited Long Enough!

We are very excited to finally be able to provide full Word support for Mac users. Even better, the new system is completely cross-platform and is "no compromise". You can create and edit graphics and equations in exactly the same way as Windows users and utilise the full power of Efofex Parameters.

Getting Started!

Your first job is to get the new toolbars loaded into your copy of Word. It is likely that this has already been done for you during installation. Our integration works on Word (Mac) 2016 and later. Here are some resources to help you on your way.

Imagine - MultiDocs

What Are Parameters?

An Incredibly Powerful Addition to Efofex

Efofex Parameters allow authors to create Word documents that can self-modify. You can create completely new versions of tests, worksheets and exams in minutes. If the author has spent the time, the documents can contain fully-worked solutions. Efofex Parameters turn Word into a mathematical document factory.

Efofex Parameters are a unique tool that will greatly enhance your productivity. To begin with, you will probably be using documents created by others but it is worth taking the time the learn the system and access its full power.

Converting/Upgrading Old Documents

Classic Mode Files

Unfortunately, while Classic Mode graphics can be converted to the new system, the nature of Classic Mode means that this can only occur on Windows machines.

Upgrading Old Documents

Modern Graphics

You can upgrade any Modern graphics you have created on your Mac to the new system at the push of a button. Load your document, open any applicable Efofex products and push the button. The rest is automatic. There a few caveats that are discussed in the practice document.

Only graphics can be upgraded. We have not previously supported Efofex equations on Mac machines.