Moving To MultiDocs

Long Term Windows User

Why New Toolbars?

Imagine - MultiDocs

Three Reasons
  • Faster - The new system is up to ten-times faster to use that the system you are used to.
  • Parameters - Efofex parameters are insanely powerful and the new toolbar is the only way to access that power.
  • Cross Platform - The new system operates in exactly the same way on Mac machines.

Do You Have To Change?

No. We will never force you to change.

If you decide to continue to use the old system, you can. You will notice two small changes.

  • The Efofex tab on your toolbar will be renamed Efofex Classic
  • Your toolbar has been rearranged to simplify its use.

New Look Classic Toolbar

Should You Change?


The New System: More Power, No Compromises. Just do it!

Here's some resources to help you make the change

If you decide to move, you can keep editing your Classic Mode graphics with a double click but we recommend converting your documents to the new system.

What Are Parameters?

An Incredibly Powerful Addition to Efofex

Efofex Parameters allow authors to create Word documents that can self-modify. You can create completely new versions of tests, worksheets and exams in minutes. If the author has spent the time, the documents can contain fully-worked solutions. Efofex Parameters turn Word into a mathematical document factory.

Efofex Parameters are a unique tool that will greatly enhance your productivity. To begin with, you will probably be using documents created by others but it is worth taking the time the learn the system and access its full power.

Converting Old Documents

A New Tool, Built Into The Toolbar

Load your document, close any Efofex products and push the button. The rest is automatic. There are some issues to consider that are discussed in the practice document.

Converting Classic Mode documents can only be performed on a Windows computer.

Converting Old Documents