Point Functions (Cartesian & Polar)

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The graph tool allows you to mark points on functions and points on the plane using the Marked Point tool but sometimes you will want to mark points that  include constants or as joined points.  the graph tool allows you to by entering points as functions. Points are entered as ordered pairs - optionally separated by semicolons (see regional issues).


(2,3) (1,1); (-1,-1) (-3,2)






By prefixing one of the points by a P, the graph tool will interpret all of the points as being in polar form, (r, θ).  When entering points in polar form, you need to enter the angle in the currently selected angle type.


P(6,pi/4) (3,3pi/4)                -        angle set to Radians






Points can contain constants which are discussed later in this manual.  You can enter a point of (-3a,b) for example.


Regional Issues


If you use a comma as a decimal point (eg 3,2) you must use a semicolon to separate the two coordinates and (optionally) a colon to separate the individual points.

(2;3) (1,1;1,1) : (-1;-1) (-3;2)