Preventing Bonding

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FX ChemStruct uses a complicated algorithm to determine where the "next" element is attached to the existing structure.  Sometimes this can cause problems if you want to leave a "bonding site" unbonded.


For example:






Imagine you are trying to enter this structure into FX ChemStruct.  You might start with one of the N's and move out one of the arms




So far so good.  Now if you attempt to start another arm - by typing a C - things start to go wrong






FX ChemStruct has no way of knowing that you have finished the first arm and attached the C to the remaining bonding site on the O.  Oops!  What we need is a way of telling FX ChemStruct to stop there.  You can do this using the * key.





The * has prevented the C from bonding to the O so FX ChemStruct bonds the C to the N instead.


To enter EDTA we can use


nch2ch2nch2coo*ch2coo*ch2coo*ch2coo*        or        nch2ch2n(ch2coo*)4


Note:  There are other possible ways of entering EDTA - but all require the use of the * key.