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The select tool allows you to select figures or collections of figures.




If you wish to select a single figure, make sure that the select tool is pushed and click once on the desired figure.  It is important to remember that the select region is built around the LINES that make up the figure and not the fill.  The selected figure will show its handles so that you can move, resize, cut or copy it.


Sometimes you will want to select a collection of figures so that you can move them as a collection, delete them as a collection or actually group them together (see Grouping / Ungrouping).  To select a collection, hold down the mouse button while moving the mouse and a dotted rectangle will appear.  Any figure that is totally contained within the dotted rectangle will become part of the collection.


You can add a figure to your selection or subtract a figure from your selection by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the figure you wish to add or subtract.