Using Parameter Based Documents - MultiDocs

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Any FX Draw or FX Equation object can include parameters. Authors can use these parameters to create self-modifying documents - MultiDocs.


If you are using a MultiDoc, you will want to create new versions of questions. There are three ways of doing this.


Regenerate a Single Question (Recommended)

If a question is regeneratable, select one object in the question (either an FX Draw graphic or an FX Equation equation) and then press the Regenerate button.




Efofex Parameters will regenerate the parameters for this object and then go and apply the new parameters to any other objects in the document which share the same parameters.


This process is recommended as it isolates changes to one particular question. We always recommend checking a question after regeneration. Creating parameter-based questions is not simple and you might find that the regeneration does not produce the result that you were after. This process limits any potential problems to one question at a time.


Sync Changes Across a Document

When you are editing an object, you have the option to generate new parameters for that option. Sometimes this occurs automatically as you define new parameters.




When you return this graphic to the document, with its new parameter values, you will have created a situation where different objects in your documents have been created with different parameter values.





We need to synchronise the parameter values across the whole document. To do this, select any Efofex object in the question and press the Sync button.




Efofex Parameters will look at each object in the document and synchronise any objects which share the parameter.




Regenerate All Parameters

This is a one button solution to parameter regeneration. Push the button and  Efofex Parameters will regenerate all parameters in your document and update all of the relevant Efofex objects. The process takes a little time, but you can create a totally new version of a test, worksheet or exam with one button.




This feature is extremely powerful but we strongly recommend that you carefully review the document after using it to detect any questions that have not been updated to your requirements.