Converting Classic Mode Graphics

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Converting old Classic Mode documents can be easy or hard - depending on the age of the graphics. You must be on a Windows machine to convert Classic Mode graphics.




New Graphics/Equations

Make sure that you are on a Windows machine. Only Windows machines can access the data behind Classic Mode graphics.
Make sure that any Efofex programs are CLOSED on your computer.
Load your document into Word
Save your document in the latest Word format available. You cannot convert documents which are in "compatibility mode".
Push the Convert Classic Mode button
Check the quality of the conversion



Old Graphics/Equations

Some schools have used Efofex products for over thirty years and have built up a corpus of documents, some of which contain graphics which were created thirty years ago and have never been edited since. These graphics can cause issues with the conversion process.


While the process is EXACTLY the same as for newer graphics, there are a number of caveats.


Older graphics are likely to look slightly different when loaded into the latest versions. The fonts may have changed size or something has been moved slightly. The older the graphic, the more likely that you will see some changes. You need to check your graphics carefully to ensure that they are still valid.
Some very old graphics/equations cannot be opened at all in the latest versions. This will affect graphics that were created prior to about 1992. The only way to access these graphics is to load an old version of FX Draw (usually FX Draw 4 is the best) onto your computer and edit the graphics in that version of FX Draw BEFORE conversion. FX Draw 4 could load these very old graphics and will save them in a format that the current version can use.
As you are converting graphics, sometimes you will find it easier to just recreate the graphic in the latest version of FX Draw.


Check The Graphics

I know that we have already said this but it is worth repeating!