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FX Library is a constantly growing collection of parametized questions published by Efofex. As a subscriber, you can download any of the material and freely include it in your tests and exams. Most of the documents we publish will contain questions with hundreds or thousands of variations available.


To access FX Library, visit our website


FX Library


FX Library is constantly evolving so it's look may change. At the moment it looks like this.




FX Library is organised into modules of questions on a topic. The FX Library materials are constantly growing and provide two benefits:


1.        They are a direct source of parametised materials that you can include into your tests, exams and worksheets.

2.        They provide exemplar material that you can use as a basis for your own production of parametised materials.


Once you have found a parametized question that suits your needs, just copy the question from the source document and paste it into your document. It is a good idea to copy any provided solutions over to your document at the same time. Providing you only want to use the question ONCE in your new document, that is all you need to do. If you are happy with the question as you have found it, you can just move on. If you want to edit the question or regenerate it, you will need to use the Efofex toolbar in Word. If you want to use the same question multiple times, you will need to reparametize the question each time you copy it.