Regenerate, Regenerate, Regenerate!

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Now that we have added parameters to our solution, we strongly encourage you to regenerate things a few times. There are a few spots to do this but we will use FX Equation's regenerate button.




You will see this "Shuffle $p" button in a few places. It forces FX Equation (or FX Draw or Word) to regenerate the parameters. Every time we do this, we should get a new version of our question/solution!


clip2081        clip2082        clip2083


HINT: Regenerating a LOT at this point will save time later. The system will regenerate as fast as you can push the button and regenerating will often show up logical faults in your question design or parameter definitions. You might also decide that some versions are too easy or too hard and find that you need to change your parameter definitions a bit. Regenerate, regenerate, regenerate!