FX Draw Version Information


  • Remove integer round effects in rendering


  • Fix minor rendering faults in equations
  • Implement tally command
  • Increase canvas size to A3++


  • Fix crash with merging aligned equations
  • Fix spacing issues with boxes (braceunder/arcunder/bracketunder)
  • Improve handling of pure equation text boxes
  • Fix explicit bearing and add ability to explicitly set bearing length


  • Add minimum cell height and width to equation tables/grids
  • Separate grid and table options for equations


  • Fix equation aligner crash
  • Change table margins and alignment


  • Implement new table and grid commands in equation tool


  • Fix regression with quotes in calculations (especially if statements)


  • Reverse 3D parametric graphs change (regression)


  • Fix issue with 3D parametric graphs
  • Fix issue with 3D graph colour palette selection
  • Fix issue with explode when using numbers
  • Fix spacing issue with limits
  • Fix spacing issue with box and dbox commands
  • Fix spacing issue with unterminated large brackets


  • Fix +- issue in graphing
  • Fix issue with -ve fractions
  • Fix issue with terms containing two or more numbers


  • Fix issue with lowering levels
  • Fix issue with -ve fractions
  • Improve rendering of large brackets


  • Fix random line alignment issue in multiline equations


  • Fix issue with -ve fractions when using parameters
  • Size changes for horizontal lines


  • Parameter speed improvements
  • Improve handling of equation strings
  • Fix handling of prime symbols after brackets


  • Parameter speed improvements
  • Return 1 as prime factor of 1
  • Size changes for horizontal lines


  • Fix rendering of prime marks near brackets
  • Increase flexibility of tri (eg tri(ABC) ) and ^^ (eg (ABC)^^ )
  • Increase resolution of 3D parametric graphs


  • Fix issue with inserting new classic mode graphics


  • Add primefactorstring command to calculator
  • Replace primefactors command with one that returns values
  • Rework power levels near brackets


  • Fix issue with lists from deck parameter
  • Fix paste location when using menus to paste


  • Refactor root rendering code so we draw our own
  • Refactor large bracket rendering code so we draw our own
  • Change all equation sizes to reals
  • Add primefactors calculator command
  • Allow 3D graphs to use more points


  • Fix issue with SVG rendering
  • Fix issue with classic mode in 64 bit versions
  • Implement bc code for because
  • Fix crash on divideinto parameter
  • Fix rendering of hl, dhl et al
  • Further improvements on bracket rendering
  • Further improvements on root rendering
  • Fix regexp for angle measure
  • Allow for resizing of autoedge marks
  • Improve angle mark rendering


  • Change behaviour of min/max over full list
  • Improve root rendering
  • Improve bracket rendering


  • Fix issue with red cross being called inadvertently
  • Implement calculator min/max over full list
  • Improve root rendering
  • Fix issue with -ve fractions
  • Fix issue with set as default on tables
  • Fix lost click issue after load


  • Modify modern mode interaction with Word
  • Fix temp figure issue when first load a modern graphic


  • Increase canvas size to full A3 (30cm by 42cm).
  • Fix Set As Default for angled brace tool.
  • Fix Set As Default for dimension tool.
  • Improve handling of fraction terms when inserting a parameter.
  • Fix rendering of integrals.
  • Fix rendering of small fractions.
  • Improve handling of big brackets when including bracket powers.


  • Add angled brace tool.
  • Make bounds of definite integral eg ]1,2 force bracket to be a big bracket.
  • Fix issue with automatic detection of fractions when include a parameter.


  • Improve handling of complex parameters in calculations
  • Fix issue with pi


  • Improve bracket rendering
  • Parameters which have empty sets report 0 as $p[0]


  • Add array form of nocommonfactor parameter
  • Fix rendering of some equations.
  • Implement term cleaning in some figures.
  • Fix crash with zero length info.
  • Make brackets thicker.
  • Add empty set support to intersections.


  • 64 Bit Windows and M1 Mac Release


  • Lower conjugate bar on some greek letters
  • Fix fnzero code


  • Tweak hires scaling code


  • Fix sign issue in columns


  • Remove TLS from registration server requests
  • Fix text issues with update to Qt framework


  • Add VC Redist to installer
  • New Hires scaling code


  • Revert hires scaling code
  • Fix rendering of dl command


  • Fix display of negative fraction calculations
  • Implement dbox command for equations
  • Fix bounds of integration issue when combined with a calculation


  • Fix issue with negative parameters in expressions
  • Fix crash within parameter screen
  • Update platform to 5.15.2


  • More sign issues fixed
  • Fixed rendering of {currentyear()}
  • Fixed Greek parameter type
  • Worked on rendering of nested parameter references


  • Fix issue with pronumeral parameters
  • Add DivideInto parameter type


  • More work on sign issues


  • Add SelectFrom parameter
  • Fix fofof(x) interpretation


  • Add SelectFrom parameter (beta)
  • Fix recursion issue with multiple use of same parameter


  • Work on sign issues
  • Now prefer !and and !or for intersection and union
  • Speed improvements for parameters, particularly parameter dialog


  • Fix equation text issue
  • Improve union calculator command


  • Fix issue graphing 3D parametric functions with domains


  • Work on +- issues


  • Fix stack overflow issue


  • Fix constant regeneration issue
  • Fix stack overflow issue


  • Improve selection of calculator display mode
  • Add Uns(implifed exact value) display option
  • Add simplify and ifnotsimple calculator commands


  • Fix rendering of integral function


  • Fix matrix spacing issue
  • Fix issue with bivariate data


  • Fix issue with terms in matrices
  • Fix issue with +1 and -1 in some parameters
  • Fix issue with d/dx @((1,2))


  • Fix rendering of pie charts
  • Fix issue with commas in Multi parameters


  • More fixes for term cleaning
  • Add cleaning of x^1
  • Add cleaning of x/1
  • Stop font boxes being disabled for some output types


  • Fix term cleaning fault with term after bracket


  • Fix term cleaning fault


  • Remove redundant reference to FXDynamic in Classic Mode Toolbar
  • Improve handling of terms with subscripts
  • Improve sizing of bounds for definite integrals
  • Improve sizing of top heavy brackets


  • Improve handling of parameter replacements
  • Release numerator, denominator and mostcommon commands for calculator.


  • Fix factor command (return list rather than data)
  • Remove 1 from factor list
  • Improve handling of string lists in commands


  • Fix +- parameter issue


  • Modify handling of quoted strings when rendered in equation tool


  • Fix +- parameter issue
  • Fix handling of some strings in if statements


  • Add imaginary, real, numerator and denominator commands
  • Fix display of some exact values
  • Improve handling of possible values for some parameters


  • Improve assumed multiplication in (4/3)x type situations
  • Fix issue with complicated list parameters


  • Fix issue copying parameters in Word across computers
  • Fix issue reparametizing across computers


  • Fix issue with formatting of function of root
  • Fix issue with e and pi in integral bounds
  • Add saving defaults for integral shading.


  • Fix issue with formatting of root command
  • Add conj(ugate) command to inline calculator for complex numbers


  • Fix save issue when using nogap thousand separator as default


  • Add basic rectangular complex number support to inline calculator


  • Fix issue with text values


  • Fix alignment issue when mixing equations and text on one line
  • Fix spacing issue with line above brackets


  • Add large number formatting
  • Fix issue with show measurements on edge data


  • Fix onscreen keyboard glitch
  • Fix label display on bar graphs
  • Improve handling of display commands when exact overall display mode selected


  • Fix issue with factorials in calculations
  • Add ability to use inf in domains
  • Remove sketch
  • Remove VBS reference


  • Implement significant figures display type


  • Implement FX Draw inline option for new MultiDocs toolbar


  • Fix capitalisation issue with some calculator commands


  • Implement hours, minutes, seconds and mixed calculator commands


  • Fix regression issue with integrals to y axis


  • Fix regression issue with integrals between two curves


  • Fix crashing issue on some annotations (regression in 22.2.11)


  • Improve integral handling


  • Update annotations to resolve parameters
  • Fix issue with bullet symbols


  • Fix issue zero grid line when other axis is not displayed
  • Fix issue with Unicode minus sign
  • Fix issue with term management in graph equation display
  • Fix issue with interpreting some domains combining braces and parentheses
  • Resolve parameters for display of integral properties


  • Fix issue with create parameter from selection
  • Fix rendering of dotted hl
  • Adjust spacing for rendering of | signs


  • Improve autoquate handling of RR, ZZ, NN, QQ and CC
  • Improve rendering of int
  • Fix issue with quoted tab characters
  • Implement simple mode/expert mode in MultiDocs integration


  • Fix resizing error in text boxes
  • Add NoCommonFactor parameter type
  • Add ExcludeMultiplesOf option to Range and RangeEx parameters.
  • Add 11-20 to equation numbers.
  • Add inverse functions to compound function recognition (f^(-1)og for example).


  • Add parameters and calculator quick reference documents.
  • Increase resolution of normal distribution curves
  • Improve autoequate handling of -a.
  • Add uppercase Greek as variables


  • Fix sizing issue with some angle marks.
  • Fix issue }! and !! interaction.
  • Implement braceover and braceunder.
  • Implement bracketover and bracketunder.
  • Implement dottedhl.
  • Add handling for 1alpha etc.
  • Fix font colour for equation markers.
  • Fix spacing issue for normal sized brackets.
  • Fix vertical offset for | symbol.


  • Fix issue with parameters not honoring global display style.


  • Fix rendering issue with edge data


  • Fix issue with complement command


  • Fix issue with compare function
  • Fix issue with exact mode causing faults in some calculations
  • Fix issue user interface issue with display modes


  • Auto edge marking now recognises squares
  • Fix issue n calculator function (rename to total)
  • Modify parameter buttons


  • Fix issue with indicated vectors
  • Fix issue with shuffling characters
  • Fix issue with arrow domains (change from { and } )


  • Improve loading speed of graphics with large numbers of rectangles


  • Set default edge properties
  • Improve standard equation font handling
  • Add CoPrimesEx parameter
  • Add online manual and quick ref cards to top level Help menu.
  • Improve return times when not modern mode.
  • Fix issue with scientific notation for 0


  • Fix issue with bivariate data with negatives
  • Improve bivariate data generation
  • Fix performance when green tick pushed without modern mode
  • Fix issue with opening old diagrams when using with modern mode


  • Fix issue with data parameters
  • Improve bivariate data generation


  • Fix issue with small range parameters


  • Fix issue with quoted strings


  • Fix issue using calculator commands as text in expression.
  • Implement !" and "! to mark equation quotes.
  • Improve file associations on Mac computers.


  • Fix issue with bivariate data


  • Fix issue with lost dependencies when reopening some graphics


  • Fix issue with lost dependencies when reopening some graphics
  • Improve autoquate detection of arc and arcunder


  • Fix issue with frequency data
  • Fix issue with bivariate data
  • Fix issue with unique, vowels and consonants


  • Further work on signs and function analysis commands
  • Improve implementation of count command


  • Fix issue with - sign in some parameters
  • Fix evaluation of function analysis commands
  • Fix complement command


  • Fix issue with - sign in some parameters
  • Implement evaluate command
  • Implement cancel command
  • Implement strike command
  • Implement ul command
  • Implement arcunder command


  • Fix regression with exact values
  • Improve detection of equations


  • Fix regression with function analysis commands
  • Fix issue with circular reference detection


  • Fix issue converting classic mode to MultiDocs (Win Only)


  • Fix issue with compound function notation


  • Add groupdefn command and repurpose group command for calculator.
  • Add tobivariate($x,$y) command.
  • Fix issue with regeneration of nested calculator commands in if statements.


  • Frequency table support for data parameters.
  • Grouped data support for data parameters.
  • Bivariate data support for data parameters.
  • Implement randBivariate parameter type.
  • Implement datavalue, xvalue, yvalue, freq, group, regslope, regintercept and regr commands in calculator


  • Fix issue with spaces in if calculations.
  • Make recovery files single shot to avoid cyclic crashes.
  • Implement 10~20 style groups
  • Implement frequency and group based commands to calculator.


  • Fix issue with text boxes moving location due to vertical centering.
  • Fix issue with parallel line dependency.


  • Default to Cambria Math font for symbols on Windows.
  • Fix issue with one character numbers being interpreted as text.
  • Add ability to use 10~20 style groups.


  • More work on spaces in list/data parameters
  • Fix issue with single item in list.
  • Fix issue with references in character lists.
  • Fix issue with adding dividing points.
  • Fix issue with selecting dividing points.
  • Fix issue with one character strings being interpreted as numbers.
  • Fix regression with summary statistics


  • Fix issue with char parameters
  • Fix issue with spaces in list/data parameters displaying as dots


  • Fix issue with spaces in list/data parameters


  • Fix crash issue when tab width set to zero
  • Fix issue when nested quotes were created


  • Add degrees/radian button to toolbar
  • Fix issue If calculator function
  • Fix issue with copying slope fields


  • Fix issue with subtracting sqrt
  • Fix issue with shuffling data parameters
  • Do preliminary work for point data in FXValue
  • Add multi parameters
  • Fix issue with some characters being interpreted as values
  • Fix issue copy/pasting parameters


  • Fix issue with notations on y axis when using complex plane
  • Fix issue with cis notation for graphs


  • Fix regressions in parameters


  • Fix regressions in parameters


  • Add ability to show outer braces - sets
  • Add mode command
  • Add intersection command
  • Add union command
  • Add complements command
  • Add vowels command
  • Add consonants command
  • Add issubset command
  • Add ispropersubset command
  • Add bin command
  • Add hex command
  • Fix issues with set subtraction
  • Modify parameter dialog behaviour


  • Add explode parameters
  • Fix issue with join command
  • Fix issue + in terms spacing
  • Allow sort, unique, count and contains on non-numeric data
  • Change alignment of text boxes


  • Add unique command
  • Add automatic exact values to calculator


  • Close parameter window when losing focus
  • Change bounding box display for text boxes
  • Fix horizontal line rendering when not left justified


  • Fix issue with list parameters
  • Change font for rendering symbols
  • Add join command
  • Stop deck parameters from autoshuffling. Allows consistent references for cards
  • Update shuffle so it can shuffle a list, data or deck


  • Fix issue with simple parameter expressions


  • Improve data set handling in parameters
  • Add sum command
  • Add contains command
  • Improve count command
  • Add Char parameter type
  • Improve scales handling on graphs


  • Improve text boxes
  • Fix default font issue in text editor
  • Add ability to reference sorted parameters


  • Add random number parameters
  • Add statistical commands to inline calculator
  • Add data parameters
  • Add $p[] notation for listing all members of a data (beta)
  • Add $p[1,10,+] notation for choosing separator for reference ranges
  • Add $p[...,+] notation for choosing separator for elided reference ranges


  • Allow reference ranges for Range, RangeEx and Sequence commands
  • $c[...] now produces an elided version of the full list
  • Fix regressions caused by terms handling code.


  • Allow reference ranges $p[2,5] and $p[...].
  • Implement shuffleex command.


  • Add $p[0] reference (number of possibilities).
  • Fix regressions caused by terms handling code.


  • Fix regressions caused by terms handling code.


  • Add comprimes parameter type.
  • Add isCoprime command to calculator.
  • Fix regressions caused by terms handling code.


  • Fix regressions caused by terms handling code.


  • Fix regressions caused by terms handling code.


  • Fix regressions caused by terms handling code.


  • Improve handling of parameters in calculations
  • Allow algebraic terms containing parameters to be displayed more intuitively.


  • Add PowerPoint MultiDocs integration
  • Add shuffle parameters


  • Improve lowering of degraded images
  • Improve handling of quotes in quotes


  • Fix issue with capitals in parameter values
  • Fix issue caused by more than 10 degradation cycles


  • Fix numberline when min > 0
  • Fix error in Pascal's triangle
  • Fix gap being created with quoted strings
  • Fix fault in equation shortcuts
  • Add $$ for local currency in equation tool
  • MultiDocs now remembers Word wrap mode
  • Fix issue using parameters in minor and major axes settings
  • Fix error in fn commands in inline calculator
  • Reduce degradation factor in large bitmaps


  • Fix issue with Pronumeral command


  • Fix issue with Prime and Composite commands
  • Add No Update version of Word integration
  • Modify behaviour of global parameters screen


  • Fix issue locking on to invisible rotate centre point
  • Fix issue with Range and Sequence commands
  • Further refine conditional parameters
  • Fix parameter lists with multiple copies of a number


  • Fix multiple small issues with conditional parameters and object placement in Word


  • Fix issue with loading complex parameter sets


  • More development work on conditional parameters
  • Fix box command when using ,


  • Add MultiDocs diagnostic to Manage Account
  • Implement beta versions of if,and,or and not to calculator


  • Fix dpi issue with degraded graphics
  • Add sgn function to calculator
  • Add toroman function to calculator
  • Add compare/compareeq functions to calculator


  • Allow graphics code to degrade quality to guarantee image delivery
  • Fix MultiDocs update issue


  • Make Word Update Silent.
  • Fix minor calculator issues with exact values.


  • Fix crashing issue when copying/pasting some parameter sets.
  • Fix issue with unique parameter ids.
  • Improve experience when entering code when there is a network issue.


  • Fix infinite recursion issue that could occur with parameters


  • New help system
  • Calculator support for 5P3 and 6C2
  • Fix 0!


  • Add sequence command to parameters
  • Expand exact value calculation capabilities


  • Fix parameters issue for function minimum/maximum
  • Fix issue with quick function 3D screen


  • Fix crash caused by galleries


  • New network tweaks


  • Enhance repair tools


  • Fix rounded rectangle rendering fault


  • Expand Windows crash reporting
  • Fix uninitialised variable crash issue in GAD
  • Default to no standard equations for new users


  • Implement Windows crash reporting
  • Fix fault fake perpendicular angle marks
  • Fix symbol support on Macs
  • Fix crash when graphing with fractional ticks
  • Improve graphing with class centres on axes.
  • Improve cummulative frequency graphs


  • Implement dials and dial hands
  • Fix fault with variable widget which could cause crash


  • Fix symbol font on Macs


  • Fix regression for degrees on scales


  • Implement scale display types (fix, scientific, currency and percentage)
  • Improve edge property support


  • Fix Issue With Centre of Rotation Not Sticking
  • Fix Issue With Grouping Figures in Some Contexts


  • Fix Mac Version Issue


  • Implement new MultiDocs functionality
  • Add clock hand control
  • Fix generation of column vector based equation wizards


  • Fix issue with vertical asymptotes


  • Implement greek() command in parameters


  • Fix shading of multiple half planes as dots
  • Implement single network access manager


  • Fix networking regression on database


  • Improve network resilience
  • Fix some issues with annotations
  • Add exact mode, exact command and english command to calculator
  • Add $numvariations parameter


  • Fix regression with indicated vector/parameter conflict


  • Add pronumeral and factor command to parameters
  • Add exact display mode for rationals and surds
  • Implement new, centralised network manager with better exception support
  • Fix encoding issues for base64 strings on international machines
  • Add slight delay to OLE close (improves stability)
  • Improve standard font support for equations
  • Add display mode to parameters toolbar


  • Fix issue copying and pasting Greek (and other language) characters.
  • Modify watermark to allow graphic encoding on trial version.


  • Fix issue with current screen on parameters - too big and prevented some people from pushing OK
  • Added primeex, rangeex and compositeex commands
  • Fix encoding issue with modern mode - prevented saving of Greek (and other language) characters.


  • Improved rendering of integrals
  • Fixed issue with fractions on Macs
  • Add classic mode macros to modern mode so users can edit classic mode without template


  • Improved parameters
  • Fix issue with communications with server


  • Added Voronoi diagram feature


  • Fix issue with data generators
  • Add factors, hcf, lcm and others to calculator/parameters
  • General improvements in parameters
  • Improve handling of standard fonts
  • Create parameters from selection
  • Fix spacing issue with small fractions
  • Add no repeats to parameters
  • Improve dimension properties
  • Add ability to scale, rotate and translate original through dialog box.
  • Add no repeats to parameters


  • Improved support for parameters including fn class functions


  • Improved support for parameters
  • Modified Classic Mode template
  • Various bug fixes


  • Implement workaround for Mac integration on some computers
  • Small improvements to integration systems


  • Fix issue with graphic output from some products
  • Improve modern mode integration
  • Remove support for VBS


  • Initial release of new Word integration
  • Fix issue right-clicking on edges
  • Allow range parameters to reference other parameters


  • Fix issue with indicated vectors (FXDynamic regression)
  • Fix spacing with indicated vectors over Greek letters


  • Fix issue with Venn diagram properties box


  • Introduction of FX Dynamic technologies
  • Add table tool
  • Add list tool
  • Add title tool
  • Improve rendering of graph tables
  • Fix issue with SVG file export


  • Fix 3D point line rendering.
  • Fix fault when adding 3D vectors.


  • Reintroduce autosave for fault recovery.


  • Fix issue downloading graphics data from cloud.


  • Add ability to enter 1/2 for half molecules.
  • Fix alignment of decimal points for half molecules.
  • Complete transition to https: requests.
  • Notifications of version updates moved solely to titlebar.


  • Fix issue with using graphs in galleries.
  • Fix crash when loading some old FX Draw 4 files.
  • Complete transition to https: requests.
  • Notifications of version updates moved solely to titlebar.


  • Fix issue loading some gallery items.


  • Fix issue loading old graphics.


  • Improve undo with respect to text boxes.
  • Fix issues with line spacing.
  • General code improvements.
  • Further improvements to Word integration.


  • Fix issue which was preventing graphing tool from rearranging equations on Mac computers (and possibly Windows). Typically manifested as inability to graph inequations such as x+y>=10.

V20.02.17 (Windows Only)

  • Make Word integration more proactive. Previously, Word templates could be deleted without the products reinstalling them.


  • Add ability to control line spacing
  • Fix issue which could cause crash when editing properties of a rectangle
  • Fix issue with copying data for rectangles
  • Fix issue with production of PNG, JPG and SVG files when screen scaling not 100%


  • Fix issue with integrals rotated around y axis


  • Implement change to trial reminder system


  • Fix regression with hl command. Horizontal lines were not being drawn


  • Add support for moving centre of rotation and scaling
  • Add Create rotated copies option
  • Add Create scaled copies option
  • Add Create translated copies option
  • Implement improved Word template support
  • Fix issue with changing group columns to data columns
  • Fix dpi issues
  • Fix issue with selecting multiple columns via the header changing column type


  • Add Copy As Points option to statistics tool

V19.12.5 (Win Only)

  • Fix issue with file associations


  • Add ESC keyboard shortcut to change to select mode
  • Fix cloud graphics regression fault

V19.11.14 (Mac Only)

  • Fix issue with location database for Earth geometry tool


  • Add ESC keyboard shortcut to change to select mode
  • Fix cloud graphics regression fault


  • Fix regression caused by changes to grouping code for FX Online.


  • Fix issue with rendering of Stem&Leaf diagrams in countries which use commas as decimal points.
  • Improve rendering of large brackets and integral signs


  • Fix FXO regression in AddGraphic


  • Address new OLE issues - possible regression (Win Only)


  • Address problems interacting with Google Docs


  • Add SVG output option to clipboard (Win only)
  • Improve cropping of SVG files
  • Improved networking code/li>


  • Fix issue with grids on broken scales
  • Fix issue with labels on pie charts
  • Fix issue with header colors on statistics view
  • Fix issue with dot plots
  • Fix issue with data duplication in some situations


  • Fix issue with rendering of some normal distribution curves and cumulative normal distribution curves
  • Resize dialog boxes for function graph entry
  • Add extra checks to network replies before processing


  • Fix issue with trial mode when opening old files
  • Add standard normal distribution curve graph type
  • Add standard cumulative normal distribution curve graph type
  • Add ability to control all graph types on a multigraph graph
  • Add smoothing to cumulative frequency graph type
  • Add ability to change arrow type and size on frequency curves
  • Fix calculation of displayed probabilities on normal distribution tool when not a standard curve.


  • Modify window title to reflect login and subscription status
  • Modify trial mode to use watermark rather than evaluation period
  • Improve handling of "classic mode" Word integration when startup directory does not exist.


  • Add contexts to equation tool


  • Add color schemes to graphing tools
  • Fix blank annotation placement issue


  • Update platform to VS19 and Qt5.12.3
  • Implement zoom


  • Fix graph overflow issue
  • Fix equation toolbar shortcuts for $and and $or


  • Fix issue with equations in dimension lines


  • Fix issue with angle saving in locations which use , as a decimal point
  • Work on connectivity fault
  • Implement Ctrl+ and Ctrl- zooming


  • New release of Help & Account Management system
  • Fix Quick Reference Card fault


  • Fix issue with loading some statistics graphs


  • Initial release of Help & Account Management system


  • Fix issue with edge data saving in locations that use , as decimal point


  • Add ability to control Allow Connection from reset page of preferences


  • Fix issue with dot plots with labels when fewer labels than data points


  • Fix matrix width fault


  • Change logic behind NoConnect flag to ensure that connection request is honoured
  • Prevent notification system from checking for notifications prior to network registration


  • Modify Default for installer
  • New icons


  • Increase flexibility of Word Integration on Windows machines


  • Make changes to OLE system to improve resilience
  • Add space between numerals and units in measurements


  • Add Earth Geometry tool
  • Improve mouse control of 3D objects


  • Improve rendering of edge marks
  • Implement modified storage of decimals for countries that use , as a decimal point
  • Implement modified handling of saved files


  • Fix annotation display error


  • Change default filename for options (removes version number)
  • Fix fraction rendering fault
  • Fix overflow condition in factorial function
  • Fix display string of L,R logical functions


  • Fix graph regression (Pareto)


  • Implement Pareto graphs and data values on bar and column graphs
  • Fix regression with OneNote graphics


November 3 2018

  • Implement workaround for registration server fault


November 1 2018

  • Fix issue with saving edge data in polygons
  • Added BETA Word File compression tool


October 29 2018

  • Remove OLE support for PowerPoint.
  • Improve OLE Clean.
  • Make Efofex ID graphics transparent on Windows


October 25 2018

  • Automatically clean OLE files if started as standalone.


October 24 2018

  • Modify handling of stepped functions
  • Add ability to automatically repair and update some figures on loading


October 12 2018

  • Add automatic marking of sides in rectangles, parallelograms, trapeziums, rhombuses and some triangles


October 2 2018

  • Add notification when subscription changes
  • Modify processes and wording for registration
  • Fix regression (caused by introduction of matchstick tool) from 7.003.8 which broke Venn diagram rendering.


September 19 2018

  • Add support for named functions f(x), g(x) and h(x)
  • Add support for composition of functions eg. f(g(x))
  • Add support for transformational graphing eg. f(x-2)
  • Add improved support for polar graphs
  • Fix potential issue editing polygon edge types
  • Add support for one-click annotation of functions
  • Add support for Queensland style rendering of lower case vectors


September 3 2018

  • Add Matchstick tool
  • Fix rendering of grouped figures which include shading
  • Improve selection of grids in graphing tools


August 15 2018

  • Add new compass radius setting system
  • Add two new arrow types - single and double flights
  • Add drawing box plots from 5 point summary
  • Add ability to reduce a histogram's bar width
  • Add link graph arrow type and size
  • Add new "no axes" graphing style
  • Modify resoluton options
  • Add message if image file write fails
  • Fix fault in notifications system
  • Add a width ratio to arrow heads (not user accessible)


August 6 2018

  • Fix issue with OLE support. Regression in 7.003.5


August 5 2018

  • Fix alternative axes display for histograms et al
  • Add support to saving graphics ID into PNG, JPG and SVG files
  • Add support for loading PNG, JPG and SVG files with saved graphic IDs directly into FX Draw


July 31 2018

  • Fix ungrouping fault in gallery items
  • Change server for notifications


July 16 2018

  • Add Pascal's Triangle tool
  • Add ability to have horizontal dimension text
  • Add GAD point for the ends of a circle's diameter
  • Improve notifications screen


July 5 2018

  • Implement "How Do I Create" tool


June 11 2018

  • Expand notification system
  • Expand touch screen keyboards
  • Release all previous changes as significant update


June 8 2018

  • Implement touch keyboards
  • Fix support for back-to-back histograms


May 28 2018

  • Implement new OLE system
  • Modify registration window to minimise confusion for customers with old-style codes


May 18 2018

  • Minor tweaks


May 9 2018

  • Fix issues with sine/cosine curve tool
  • Modify handling of compass circle radius reset/li>
  • Change Passcode entry system


May 3 2018

  • Tweak Notification System


May 1 2018

  • Initial FX Sketch Beta Release
  • Add text options to polygon edges
  • Implement Sine/Cosine curve tool
  • Implement Notification System


March 25 2018

  • Fix issue when ungrouping a saved figure. New dimension feature was causing crash
  • Fix issue when loading a graphing with shading. Recalc of shading was not being done until user clicked on canvas.
  • Improved handling of angle bisector


March 25 2018

  • Modify OLE timing


March 15 2018

  • Fix issues graphing histograms from frequency tables


March 11 2018

  • Allow access to manual registration system if connection is available


February 28 2018

  • Modify copying of central registration information
  • Fix issue with measurement units affecting line sizes


February 14 2018

  • Revert https access. Was failing on some authenticated proxy systems


February 10 2018

  • Modify registration process to make more intuitive
  • Update contact information


February 9 2018

  • Rebuild installer to move DLL to application subdirectory
  • Implement Block Tips


February 7 2018

  • Remove some beta code for sketch


February 2 2018

  • Add connectivity support routines


January 19 2018

  • Add support for cubic regression
  • Fix issue loading Bezier curves from FX Draw 3


January 13 2018

  • Add scaling button to selected figures
  • Add support for global scaling
  • Add support for https: protocol in graphics server
  • Platform update - Qt 5.9.3 and VS 2017


November 9 2017

  • Fix issue with proxy server request occurring repeatedly if authentication failed.
  • Extend caching of proxy server authentication credentials to seven days.
  • Centralise caching of proxy server authentication credentials so only need to authorize one product.
  • Check before initial preference interview.
  • Fix small issue with limiting user interaction with account management functions.


October 9 2017

  • Fix issue with adding dividing points to a line when dividing into one or two divisions.


September 28 2017

  • Fix issue with holding down SHIFT to override GAD.
  • Fix issue with annotation rectangle calculation which prevented onscreen buttons from being displayed
  • Add "is implied by" to equation editor.


September 15 2017

  • Fix issue with new buttons.
  • Add global scaling to line measurements.
  • Fix GAD issue.
  • Fix extra zoom in FX Draw.
  • Add ability to change decimal places in dimensions.
  • Add show measurement to format painting for lines.


September 8 2017

  • Improve loading of base64 encoded clipboard images.


September 5 2017

  • Fix filmstrip implementation to make old files load better


August 31 2017

  • Improved annotations
  • Fix icon size on Macs
  • Fix issues with points of inflection
  • Fix angle detection regression
  • Minor updates collection


August 21 2017

  • Modify font handling on hi-res screens. Was failing in some 2 montitor setups


August 21 2017

  • Add support for on-screen properties and delete icons
  • Modify OLE support
  • Fix small issue with edge detection of some regular polygons


August 8 2017

  • Add authenticated proxy support
  • Change rotate icon


August 3 2017

  • Add test code for authenticated proxy support
  • Add encoding to OLE graphics


July 21 2017

  • Add command to change font of all selected objects
  • Add command to change ALL default fonts


July 18 2017

  • Fix fault with broken scales on normal distribution curve
  • Add graph options button to stats graph
  • Fix copy all statistics fault
  • Add new break type to graph
  • Fix Mac file associations
  • Syncronise options across cloud
  • Fix icon scaling fault
  • Increase history size to 1000


June 26 2017

  • Fix issue where arcs overlaying circles created lots of intersections


June 16 2017

  • Change username handling


June 10 2017

  • Change proxy settings to help connectivity


May 24 2017

  • Fix issue with grouping of angle marks.
  • Fix issue with points of inflection.
  • Fix issue with points attached to polar functions.
  • Change arrowhead behaviour when x axis starts at 0.
  • Fix issue with using data set 7 in stats tool.


May 12 2017

  • Add timeout to registration web request. Will propagate to other products over time.


May 5 2017

  • Fix issue with deploying to a Windows network


May 2 2017

  • Add diagnositics to licence files


April 3 2017

  • Fix issues with frequency polygons


March 26 2017

  • Fix graph papers edge issue
  • Fix drawing of some conic sections
  • Fix legend rectangle sizing issue
  • Move change details into manage account
  • Add a margin to images to prevent embedding being visible in some circumstances


March 17 2017

  • Fix evaluation issue


March 3 2017

  • Add export and merge database function
  • Add ability to use manual registration on silent install
  • Fix log axis issue in graph tool

V7.001.2 Windows Only

February 23 2017

  • Automate Word integration
  • Improve VS 2015 redistributable version detection


February 18 2017

  • Change syncing defaults and greatly improve cloud speed


February 18 2017

  • Change syncing defaults and greatly improve cloud speed


February 15 2017

  • Improve initial registration of networked computers


February 7 2017

  • Improve handling of legacy unlock codes


February 4 2017

  • Fix issue loading and saving some files


January 31 2017

  • Modify trial usage message timing


January 30 2017

  • Small changes to registration system


January 28 2017

  • Add ability to manually register and better report lack of connectivity


January 24 2017

  • Initial public release of FX Draw 7 - Efofex Image ID

V6.003.12a (Win Only)

November 21 2016

  • Modify OLE Helper


November 1 2016

  • Fix copy paste issue


October 25 2016

  • Fix copy paste issue

V6.003.10 (Mac Only)

August 17 2016

  • Fix issue which could prevent unlocking of perpetual licenses on Macs


June 29 2016

  • Fix Mac copy issue


June 19 2016

  • Fix registration fault when expired subscription is on same computer as new perpetual license


June 18 2016

  • Improve step detection to fix issue with incomplete circles


June 17 2016

  • Add sinusoidal regression feature to statistics tool


June 3 2016

  • Fix issue with graph tool finding erroneous breaks in functions


May 27 2016

  • Fix issue with foci being marked on Venn diagram ellipses


May 17 2016

  • Fix crash when loading of old galleries. Fault introduced in 6.003.2


May 12 2016

  • Add Conic Section tools
  • Add dividing points to circles tool
  • Fix rule of order issue with -5^x


April 6 2016

  • Recompile. Libraries had not linked correctly


April 5 2016

  • Fix angle mark fault
  • Fix fault which could cause crash on some flood fills


April 3 2016

  • Add Line Division Feature
  • Add Rectangular Grid Feature
  • Fix angle mark fault

V6.001.16 (Win Only)

March 26 2016

  • Fix Extract OLE Images from Word Fault

V6.001.15 (Mac Only)

March 21 2016

  • Fix Connect with Word Fault


March 10 2016

  • Attempt fix of interview failure problem on some systems
  • Improve handling of FX Draw 4 text boxes


March 2 2016

  • Modify handling of old files which contain grouped dependencies


February 26 2016

  • Add normal to function curve feature
  • Add an extra five angle marks.
  • Fix formatting issue with protractors on scaled displays.
  • Fix issue saving formatting of 3D faces.
  • Fix issue loading FX Draw 4 annotated points.


February 15 2016

  • Fix line saving fault that could affect line drawn with mid-point and end point.
  • Add memory to data generator dialog boxes.
  • Trial automatic Word integration on Windows machines


February 12 2016

  • Update license manager
  • Fix issue that could cause crash loading dependencies


February 11 2016

  • Fix issue with group separators impacting on saved FXPens.


February 8 2016

  • Fix issue with default function line width in countries with , as decimal point.
  • Fix issue with some histograms.
  • Fix tab key order in data generators.
  • Remember settings in bivariate data generator between invocations.
  • Adjust stat tool header text size on Windows.
  • Add equation mode to line default.


February 4 2016

  • Fix issue with frequency columns in stat tool.


February 1 2016

  • Fix issue with stacked and normal bar graphs and column graphs.
  • Fix issue with dataset colours in stat tool.

V6.001.5 (Windows Only)

January 30 2016

  • Close FX Draw on Reset Options. Works around Windows security settings


January 29 2016

  • Fix fault in graph tool that could cause crashes


January 24 2016

  • Add link to Efofex Teacher Resource Project to menus
  • Add ability to control number of decimal places in random number generators
  • Add arrow option to Link Graphs
  • Add standard default line types such as network lines
  • Fix problem with right angle marks
  • Fix problem with angle mark not remembering standard text
  • Improve handling of "reversed" lines
  • Change handling of flood fills when when fill reaches edge of canvas
  • Fix fault with flood fills not recalculating when change drawing order
  • Add ability to change length and angle of existing line
  • Fix issue with grouped angle marks
  • Add ability to turn off updating of depending figures "Use Dynamic Geometry"


December 3 2015

  • Add UK Polar graphing option


November 26 2015

  • Fix degrees symbol in angle marks
  • Make location for copied document templates more flexible to cope with non-English installations.


November 25 2015

  • Fix fault which could cause deletion of registration information


November 20 2015

  • Fix File load error for Qt 5.5


November 14 2015

  • Improve handling of functions that included large horizontal sections. FX Draw was detecting these as a sequence of steps.
  • Fix JPG, GIF and TIFF support
  • Recompile to Qt5.5 framework.


November 2 2015

  • Initial Public Release of FX Draw 6


November 2 2015

  • Improvements to Integration with Word

V5.008.7a (Win only)

October 27 2015

  • Rebuild of file - no specific changes


August 7 2015

  • Fix rendering of + and x points to use thicker line
  • Tweak OLE wrapper to allow conversion from Inline to Float in Word


August 5 2015

  • Allow adjustment of FX Draw 4 sourced text and arrow heads


July 15 2015

  • Fix minor issue attaching points to ends of Bezier curves
  • Improve handling of mouse clicks in graphs

V5.008.3a (Windows Only)

June 12 2015

  • Change OLE Helper


April 1 2015

  • Fix issue with rectangles around annotations
  • Fix issue with polar graphs which go outside of plane


March 27 2015

  • Fix issue loading old graphs that had unattached tangent lines and integrals.
  • Honour FX Draw 4 graph setting to turn off rectangle around annotation.


March 13 2015

  • Honor sizes and styles for grid/graph points


February 23 2015

  • Fix issue loading statistics objects created in FX Draw 4
  • Word on OLE Wrapper to improve PowerPoint support on Windows
  • Fix scaling issues on some displays


February 17 2015

  • ADD feature - hold down D to draw any line type with defaults
  • Restrict the defaults used to draw lines. Too many options were being used
  • Fix extract images from OLE documents feature
  • Fix text mini toolbar layout on Mac computers

V5.007.7a (Windows only)

January 29 2015

  • Update OLE Helper program to fix multiple invocations

V5.007.7 (Windows only)

January 27 2015

  • Update OLE Helper program to fix PowerPoint support
  • Increase number of decimal places available for entry of grid size.


January 5 2015

  • Revert back to 30 by 30cm image. 1m image too large for some computers to render.


January 4 2015

  • Fix issue with drawing thumbnails

V5.007.4 (Win Only)

December 21 2014

  • Fix issue loading graphics from FX Draw 3 that included gallery objects
  • Change location on canvas for FXD3/4 images loaded into new 1m canvas


December 17 2014

  • Increase size of drawing canvas to 1m by 1m
  • Fix issue with sizing of grid and size of images transferred between platforms
  • Add ability to reverse scale on number line
  • Fix issues with grouped arcs

V5.007.2 (Mac Only)

November 26 2014

  • Modify wrapper around drawEllipse on Mac to prevent odd crashes


November 15 2014

  • Update to Licence Manager 2.002.3 which prevents fault where perpetual licences not found
  • Add licence location to each found licence
  • Fix renew subscription in -1 days fault


November 10 2014

  • Add Check/Update Details option
  • Add Refer A Friend option
  • Add Renew Subscription option
  • Fix support for AllowRegistration=0

V5.006.10 (Windows Only)

October 27 2014

  • Fix plotted points crash on Windows 8.1
  • Add diagnostic information to Manage Licences


September 29 2014

  • Date stamp temporary files to prevent sharing issues (OLE Wrapper)
  • Start implementing web based account management
  • Fix drawing issues with graphs on Mac
  • Fix formatting issues for functions which contained "o"

V5.006.8 (Windows only)

September 1 2014

  • Recompile for Windows 8.1 compatibility


September 6 2014

  • Fix regression issue compass arcs


September 5 2014

  • Fix issues compass arcs


August 19 2014

  • Fix issues with extracting graphics from OLE Word documents
  • Ensure statistics graph is updating when graph type changed (MAC only)
  • Fix Delete key not being recognised in statistics screen (MAC only)
  • Add full support for logic symbols
  • All minimum point size of 0 for annotated points

V5.006.4 (Mac Only Release)

August 14 2014

  • Add wrapper around drawEllipse on Mac to prevent odd crashes

V5.006.3 (Mac Only Release)

August 12 2014

  • Modify arc drawing routine. Was crashing on Mac


August 7 2014

  • Fix issue with some integrals with functions that are not defined for all values of x
  • Fix issue tables of values properties screen


August 5 2014

  • Increase Accuracy of Vertical Asymptote when one side undefined
  • Fix issue with exact values when x = 0
  • Fix issue where constant controllers not appearing if add constant to a graph
  • Add copy graphic command
  • Minor improvements to unit circle tool


July 15 2014

  • Added preference interview
  • Added ability to control negative arrows on number lines
  • Fix issue cis graphs when used in location which uses , as decimal point
  • Fix small rendering issue with unit circles


July 1 2014

  • Added features to unit circle tool - negative angles and multiple rotations
  • Fix issue loading FX Draw 3 graphs which contained tangent lines
  • Fix issue with parametric functions which makes then less sensitive to function entry order


June 10 2014

  • Fix fault with connections when users performed actions out of order
  • Fix fault with exact values
  • Change Connect with Word script for Mac to reopen Word


May 20 2014

  • Add ability to merge files
  • Change Add Graphic icon to +
  • Improve handling of files with multiple graphics
  • Fix importation of JPG files on Windows 8
  • Fix cropping of graphics that contain floodfill


May 7 2014

  • Fix issue with generation of half planes for functions like y >= 2/x
  • Fix issue with Use Solid Shading parameter not being setable
  • Allow use of ` to represent degress in xMax and yMax


April 23 2014

  • Added ability to choose where groups start in autogrouped histograms and frequency polygons
  • Fix Greek letter autoincrement for autopoints
  • Change handling of one letter point names. Treat as text even if equations
  • Fix issue with vertical asymptotes
  • Fix issue setting default annotation fonts
  • Fix issue with arrowheads in slope fields
  • Change interpretation of lowercase vectors in graph annotations
  • Fix issue with log scales


April 17 2014

  • Fix issue preventing registration from being successful on some systems
  • Fix display issue for negative numbers in ordered pairs
  • Fix issue loading files which did not have Show Grid turned on
  • Fix issue causing 0's to be produce by random number generators when using , as decimal point


April 8 2014

  • Fix issue with Bezier curves
  • Fix 0 not displaying on axis


April 1 2014

  • Add support for /Name, /Code and /Licences command line parameters in installer
  • Add support for caching registration files to user profile (Windows)
  • Fix custom DPI issue affecting grids (Windows)


March 30 2014

  • Fix issue preventing angle marks from being added to grouped objects
  • Fix issue loading FX Draw 4 pen sizes
  • Fix various issues loading FX Draw 4 graphs


March 28 2014

  • Fix screen size issue when editing OLE objects
  • Fix ` not being interpreted as degrees in annotated points
  • Disable autosave when double click to edit file


March 17 2014

  • Fix issue loading some FX Draw 3 graphs.
  • Fix issue loading graphs which reference constants.


March 11 2014

  • Fix pasting from Excel data on Mac version.
  • Fix issue preventing graph tool from providing grid points as points of interest.
  • Implement registration system changes (FXRegistration7).
  • Modify installer to install to different location when installing for All Users.
  • Prevent grid size < 2mm. Mac not coping with small grid sizes.


February 28 2014

  • Fix issues FX Draw "bouncing" back when minimized on Mac.
  • Fix issues with algebraic manipulation due to incorrectly linked libraries on Mac version.


February 22 2014

  • Fix issues with saving of defaults with marked points.


February 18 2014

  • Fixed issues with two click angle marks


February 14 2014

  • Add support for networked licence files


February 13 2014

  • Finish Master Code trial and disable system


February 11 2014

  • Remove View Zoom from General preferences. Was conflicting with canvas zoom
  • Prevent keystroke endless loop
  • Fix geometry error with arcs. Misaligning attached points
  • Changed statusbar reporting to minimize "flicker" when object selected
  • Add ability to use Esc key to cancel tool
  • Fixed error with ' being replaced by degrees


February 5 2014

  • Add some pointer guards to try to prevent crashes when using connection system.


February 3 2014

  • Fix problem with early expiry of evaluation versions


January 16 2014

  • Implement Master Codes
  • Automatically turn on GAD when angle mark selected
  • Fix issues with sorted data in stats tool
  • Tweak flood fill code
  • Fix issue with complex numbers on Mac
  • Report error if attempting to load FX Draw 2 file
  • Fix some font issues loading files from FX Draw 4
  • Fix issue changing function options for functions not on first line
  • Handle sqrt in complex functions


November 5 2013

  • Fix OLE integration with PowerPoint
  • Fix Cut/Copy/Paste on statistics data
  • Fix issues graphing stem&leaf and cumulative frequency graphs
  • Fix label axes (regression with new flood fill)


October 30 2013

  • Add fill styles to flood fill
  • Major improvements to flood fill. Fixes low resolution issue.
  • Fix issues with exact values in annotations
  • Improve detection of rationals in exact values


October 14 2013

  • Fix issue with less than in annotations
  • Fix issue extra domain marks being generated on inverse functions


October 10 2013

  • Fix error when drawing 3 point circles. Mac Only


September 25 2013

  • Remember last file open/save location


September 24 2013

  • Put East and West back where they belong


September 20 2013

  • Fix issue with integral annotations


September 17 2013

  • Change handling of line widths to improve compatibility over platforms
  • Fix <= button in equation editor
  • Add combination/permutation wizard for equation editor
  • Add extra symbols to equation editor


August 27 2013

  • Fix issue with text toolbar when filmstrip active
  • Cache thumbnails
  • Changed pen widths
  • Improved fingerprinting
  • Fixed issue with text box control points that prevented small text boxes from being moved
  • Fixed sizing issue when returning to Word on Mac
  • Fixed issue hiding graph toolbar
  • Fixed issue loading FX Draw 4 text


August 19 2013

  • Change wheel scroll speed on Mac
  • Fix Draw:Other not writing settings
  • Fix equation editor menu icons
  • Fix loading of FX Draw 4 marked points
  • Fix loading of FX Draw 4 grids
  • Fix disabling of fill type when using floodfill
  • Fix rotate when display is zoomed


August 9 2013

  • Introduce user reminders for evaluation copies
  • Fix issue with Licence Manager which prevented perpetual licences being recognised


August 7 2013

  • Initial Public Release of FX Draw 5

V5.000.6 BETA

July 26 2013

  • Feature Complete Release Candidate

V5.000.5 BETA

July 19 2013

  • Work on speed issue for Macs. Minor fixes and updates

V5.000.4 BETA

July 15 2013

  • Minor fixes and updates - particularly galleries on Mac

V5.000.3 BETA

July 8 2013

  • Minor fixes and updates - particularly galleries on Mac

V5.000.2 BETA

June 27 2013

  • Minor fixes and updates

V5.000.1 BETA

June 22 2013

  • Initial public beta release


May 22 2013

  • Remove some dependencies on reload to prevent some odd behaviour


May 16 2013

  • Increase line thickness for domain marks
  • Change rendering of tick lines in number lines


April 10 2013

  • Fixed use dependency issue with triangles


February 25 2013

  • Fixed use of default line types


January 18 2013

  • Fixed loading fault with FX Draw 2 normal distribution curves
  • Fixed animation fault
  • Fixed bivariate data generation problem
  • Improved support for tabs in equations
  • Fixed rendering of rectangles with thick lines


October 18 2012

  • Remove OLE message


October 17 2012

  • Fixed issue with solid shading of feasible region


October 16 2012

  • Make numerous changes to workaround some OLE limitations
  • Remove Word save command


October 12 2012

  • Fix issue broken numberlines.
  • Fix issue with group to existing groups in stats tool


August 1 2012

  • Fix issue with uneven group widths in histograms.
  • Reverse Flyout Toolbar timer id change


June 26 2012

  • Update Word integration document to avoid syncronisation issue.
  • Change Flyout Toolbar timer id to avoid conflict
  • Display grid lines when using label axes in stats module
  • Reverse standard deviation labels
  • Fix issue where functions which were undefined could produce a derivatve of zero


May 8 2012

  • Fix issue with arrows not appearing on functions
  • Force Word to autosave on return


April 24 2012

  • Fix arrow drawing on polygons
  • Add bitmap trimming with margin
  • Fix custom colours


February 18 2012

  • Removed graphic trimming feature which has been causing errors on some computers


February 17 2012

  • Changed default setting so that background grid is off to prevent speed issues on some machines


February 12 2012

  • ADDED Bearings tool
  • ADDED Clock tool
  • ADDED Arrows on angle arcs
  • Fixed issue that caused some older files containing stats graphs to fail on load


February 2 2012

  • Fixed issue with pi on axes - fault introduced in 4.003.0
  • Fixed support for annotations from FX Draw 3 diagrams
  • Fixed support for points drawn in FX Draw 2 diagrams


January 16 2012

  • Added Ribbon support for Word 2007/2010
  • Improved cropping of returned graphics
  • Fixed issue with selection of white rectangle annotations


January 3 2012

  • Fixed crash when finding points of interection of parallel lines with other non line figures


November 28 2011

  • Reduced size of statistical graph properties screen to display on netbook computers


November 12 2011

  • Fixed further issue with loading of FX Draw 3 images that included graphs


October 17 2011

  • Changed handling of animation timers to avoid potential issue on some computers


October 6 2011

  • Fixed problem accessing graphs in whiteboard mode


October 5 2011

  • Fixed potential infinite loop in vertical asymptote checking


September 22 2011

  • Fix loading of graphs from FX Draw 2
  • Fix further support for accented characters


September 6 2011

  • Fix fault which caused a crash when you broke a dependency


September 5 2011

  • Remove support for restart manager
  • Change handling of update to stat graph type
  • Force focus back to text edit window


September 1 2011

  • Improve rendering of broken axes
  • Reverse standard deviations in statistics pane
  • Fix fault which could cause crash when moving figures


August 30 2011

  • Refinement of vertical asymptotes
  • Modify width of box plots to allow for narrow axes
  • Fix fault where not all columns of data loading
  • Fix normal distribution properties screen
  • Fix implementation of m as constant


August 25 2011

  • Fix page titles for datasets
  • Improve detection of undefined points on functions


August 24 2011

  • Changed support for pi on axes
  • Fixed issue with localized page name
  • Fixed issue with white space being returned on graphs
  • Fixed handling of deleted overlays on graphs.


August 18 2011

  • Fixed FX Draw 2 file support


August 17 2011

  • Fixed issue equation alignment (regression)


August 16 2011

  • Fixed issue with linear programming graphs
  • Changed bounding rectangles for equal aspect graphs
  • Fixed issue in localization of page titles.
  • Added control over number of decimal places in tables of values
  • Added undefined points to Cotangent calculations
  • Remove localization code to speed startup


August 3 2011

  • Fixed issue with statistics tool that can cause failure
  • Put localization code back in to fix issue with graph and stat tools


July 31 2011

  • Fixed issue with updating dependants of groups
  • Remove localization code to speed startup
  • Reversion to square wrapping on Word insert
  • Provide user selectable wrapping default


July 25 2011

  • Added support for latin characters in text boxes
  • Added support for horizontal isometric grids
  • Fixed keyboard commands for unit circle
  • Fixed sine and cosine lines in unit circle
  • Fixed issue with galleries
  • Fixed filling three sided polygons


July 4 2011

  • Reversed font size code change
  • Changed how text justification is handled
  • Fixed broken help file link
  • Added Greek letter prediction to labelled points


June 27 2011

  • Added nine geometric figure tools
  • Fixed issue with annotated point fogetting formatting
  • Changed numberline formatting
  • Fixed issue with text justification


June 24 2011

  • Initial Public Release of Version 4


February 17 2011

  • Fix issue size of grid on XP machines


January 21 2011

  • Fix issue with PNG Export files


September 19 2010

  • Add support for FX LicenceManager
  • Extend AllowRegistration to exclude First Run dialog box


August 11 2010

  • Rebuild for VS 2010. Seems to fix a fault with printing


June 9 2010

  • Fixed fault which could cause crash on use of angle marking tool


April 27 2010

  • Changed handling of registration codes


April 25 2010

  • Change to how row heights are set in stats tool


April 20 2010

  • Fix for Blank under scales problem


April 3 2010

  • Changed way FX Draw handles write errors to preferences file


March 19 2010

  • Changed way FX Draw handles write errors to preferences file


March 16 2010

  • Rebuild with VS2010
  • New Digital Certificate


November 19 2009

  • Upgraded to FX Equation 4 Equation Engine
  • Fixed font handling in tree diagrams


October 27 2009

  • Added option to reverse scale direction on full circle protractor
  • Added support for sgn function
  • Added support for [|x|] entry for gint function


September 14 2009

  • Added support for point size in graph tool


August 26 2009

  • Removed support for autoscaling which could cause program crash
  • Fixed fault with Reset All Options


March 16 2009

  • Fixed generation of location for user preference file to avoid problem with roaming profiles
  • Changed decimal radians unit to rad


March 16 2009

  • Fixed fault with polygon arrow marking of sides


March 12 2009

  • Added support for radians in terms of pi to angle mark


February 10 2009

  • Added support for transparent GIF's and PNG's. Access option from the General Preferences page
  • Fixed fault in saving changed files
  • Fixed fault in acos function when angle set to degrees
  • Increased size of point marks in graph tool


January 6 2009

  • Changed behaviour when activated in place to prevent Office issue
  • Implemented preload option for OpenOffice support


December 4 2008

  • Fixed problem with arc tool not allowing angle marks to be added
  • Fixed problem with shading
  • Fixed problem which could cause crash in some situations
  • Fixed problem interpretation of some expressions in graphing tool
  • Added feature for control of registration and updates in networked situations


14th October 2008

  • Removed new rendering approach for bitmaps and inserted objects


14th October 2008

  • Fixes a fault which caused FX Draw to crash when objects where copied from one document to another document within FX Draw
  • Implemented a new rendering approach for bitmaps and inserted objects
  • Fix for function grapher which failed to render some graphs correctly


27th May 2008

  • Improve location of equations attached to lines.
  • Prevent flipping of font of some equations attached to lines.


10th March 2008

  • Fix fault when saving diagrams where angle marks are attached to grouped figures. Fault prevented reloading of file.
  • Annotated Points are now updating settings when you push OK button.


25th February 2008

  • Change to algebra routines to prevent improper rendering of line graphs in standard form


12th February 2008

  • FX Draw now adds a bitmap to the clipboard when use the Copy to Clipboard command to prevent some programs misinterpreting metafiles.


14th January 2008

  • Addition of new point labelling feature
  • Modification of graphing routines which allows use of domains on implicitly defined functions
  • Holding down CTRL key allows greater control over angle marks
  • Make selection of gallery image more intuitive


21st November 2007

  • Change to graphing routines to prevent misinterpretation of y2=x(x+8) style graphs


13th November 2007

  • Faster checking for updates
  • Hexominoes gallery update
  • Fixed histogram support when no data
  • Fixed support for line intersections
  • Automatically treat th on x axis as theta
  • Fixed support for f(x) = type function entry



  • Changes to versions prior to this not currently available

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