FX Graph Version Information


  • Added Voronoi diagram feature


  • Improved support for parameters including fn class functions


  • Fix data file issue on Macs
  • Minor tweaks


  • Implement workaround for Mac integration on some computers
  • Small improvements to integration systems


  • Fix issue with graphic output from some products
  • Improve modern mode integration
  • Remove support for VBS


  • Initial release of new Word integration


  • Fix green tick crashing fault


  • Fix issue with indicated vectors (FXDynamic regression)
  • Fix spacing with indicated vectors over Greek letters


  • Improve rendering of graph tables
  • Fix issue with SVG file export


  • Fix 3D point line rendering.
  • Fix fault when adding 3D vectors.


  • Reintroduce autosave for fault recovery.


  • Fix issue downloading graphics data from cloud.


  • Complete transition to https: requests.
  • Notifications of version updates moved solely to titlebar.


  • General code improvements.
  • Further improvements to Word integration.


  • Fix issue which was preventing graphing tool from rearranging equations on Mac computers (and possibly Windows). Typically manifested as inability to graph inequations such as x+y>=10.

V20.02.17 (Windows Only)

  • Make Word integration more proactive. Previously, Word templates could be deleted without the products reinstalling them.


  • Fix issue with production of PNG, JPG and SVG files when screen scaling not 100%


  • Fix issue with integrals rotated around y axis


  • Fix issue with volumes of solids of rotation
  • Implement change to trial reminder system


  • Implement improved Word template support


  • Fix cloud graphics regression fault


  • Fix FXO regression in AddGraphic


  • Address new OLE issues - possible regression (Win Only)


  • Address problems interacting with Google Docs


  • Add SVG output option to clipboard (Win only)
  • Improve cropping of SVG files
  • Improved networking code/li>


  • Resize dialog boxes for function graph entry
  • Add extra checks to network replies before processing


  • Fix issue with trial mode when opening old files


  • Modify window title to reflect login and subscription status
  • Modify trial mode to use watermark rather than evaluation period
  • Improve handling of "classic mode" Word integration when startup directory does not exist.


  • Add ability to change line widths of all functions in one location
  • Add color schemes
  • Fix blank annotation placement issue


  • Update platform to VS19 and Qt5.12.3


  • New release of Help & Account Management system
  • Fix Quick Reference Card fault


  • Initial release of Help & Account Management system


  • Add ability to control Allow Connection from reset page of preferences


  • Change logic behind NoConnect flag to ensure that connection request is honoured
  • Prevent notification system from checking for notifications prior to network registration


  • Modify Default for installer
  • New icons


  • Increase flexibility of Word Integration on Windows machines


  • Make changes to OLE system to improve resilience


  • Implement modified storage of decimals for countries that use , as a decimal point
  • Implement modified handling of saved files


  • Fix annotation display error


  • Change default filename for options (removes version number)
  • Fix fraction rendering fault
  • Fix overflow condition in factorial function
  • Fix display string of L,R logical functions


  • Fix graph regression (Pareto)


  • Fix regression with OneNote graphics


November 3 2018

  • Implement workaround for registration server fault


October 29 2018

  • Remove OLE support for PowerPoint.
  • Improve OLE Clean.
  • Make Efofex ID graphics transparent on Windows


October 24 2018

  • Modify handling of stepped functions


October 9 2018

  • Fix regression error with constant controller (not automatically updating graph)


October 2 2018

  • Add notification when subscription changes
  • Modify processes and wording for registration


September 19 2018

  • Add support for named functions f(x), g(x) and h(x)
  • Add support for composition of functions eg. f(g(x))
  • Add support for transformational graphing eg. f(x-2)
  • Add improved support for polar graphs
  • Add support for one-click annotation of functions


September 3 2018

  • Add arrow to polar functions
  • Improve selection of grids in graphing tools


August 15 2018

  • Add ability to reduce a histogram's bar width
  • Add link graph arrow type and size
  • Add new "no axes" graphing style
  • Modify resoluton options
  • Add message if image file write fails
  • Fix fault in notifications system


July 16 2018

  • Add How Do I Create? option


June 11 2018

  • Expand notification system
  • Fix canvas size issue
  • Release all previous changes as significant update


May 28 2018

  • Implement new OLE system
  • Modify registration window to minimise confusion for customers with old-style codes


May 1 2018

  • Implement Notification System


March 25 2018

  • Modify OLE timing


March 11 2018

  • Allow access to manual registration system if connection is available


February 28 2018

  • Modify copying of central registration information


February 14 2018

  • Revert https access. Was failing on some authenticated proxy systems


February 10 2018

  • Modify registration process to make more intuitive
  • Update contact information


February 2 2018

  • Add connectivity support routines


January 13 2018

  • Add support for https: protocol in graphics server
  • Platform update - Qt 5.9.3 and VS 2017


November 9 2017

  • Fix issue with proxy server request occurring repeatedly if authentication failed.
  • Extend caching of proxy server authentication credentials to seven days.
  • Centralise caching of proxy server authentication credentials so only need to authorize one product.
  • Check before initial preference interview.
  • Fix small issue with limiting user interaction with account management functions.


August 31 2017

  • Fix icon size on Macs
  • Fix issues with points of inflection
  • Minor updates collection


August 8 2017

  • Add authenticated proxy support


July 18 2017

  • Fix Mac file associations
  • Syncronise options across cloud
  • Fix icon scaling fault
  • Increase history size to 1000


June 16 2017

  • Change username handling


June 10 2017

  • Change proxy settings to help connectivity


May 24 2017

  • Fix issue with points of inflection.
  • Fix issue with points attached to polar functions.
  • Change arrowhead behaviour when x axis starts at 0.
  • Fix issue preferences interview on Macs.


May 11 2017

  • Fix issue with cropping


May 5 2017

  • Fix issue with deploying to a Windows network


March 26 2017

  • Move change details into manage account
  • Add a margin to images to prevent embedding being visible in some circumstances


March 17 2017

  • Fix evaluation issue
  • Fix handling of tangent line and normal line pens and defaults


March 3 2017

  • Add export and merge database function
  • Add ability to use manual registration on silent install
  • Fix log graphing issue

V7.001.1 Windows Only

February 23 2017

  • Automate Word integration
  • Improve VS 2015 redistributable version detection


February 18 2017

  • Change syncing defaults and greatly improve cloud speed


February 15 2017

  • Improve initial registration of networked computers


February 7 2017

  • Improve handling of legacy unlock codes


January 31 2017

  • Modify trial usage message timing


January 30 2017

  • Small changes to registration system


January 28 2017

  • Add ability to manually register and better report lack of connectivity


January 24 2017

  • Initial public release of FX Graph 7 - Efofex Image ID

V6.002.4a (Win Only)

November 21 2016

  • Modify OLE Helper

V6.002.4 (Mac Only)

August 17 2016

  • Fix issue which could prevent unlocking of perpetual licenses on Macs


June 29 2016

  • Fix Mac copy issue


June 18 2016

  • Improve step detection to fix issue with incomplete circles


June 3 2016

  • Fix issue with erroneous breaks being found in functions


April 3 2016

  • Fix issue with large numbers on annotations and scales
  • Fix issue with erroneous points of inflection being identified with large slopes

V6.001.7 (Win Only)

March 26 2016

  • Fix Extract OLE Images from Word Fault

V6.001.6 (Mac Only)

March 21 2016

  • Fix Connect with Word Fault


March 10 2016

  • Try fix for interview non display fault


February 26 2016

  • Add normal to curve feature


February 16 2016

  • Add smoothed line feature
  • Trial automatic Word integration on Windows machines


January 29 2016

  • Fix fault that could cause crashes


January 24 2016

  • Add link to Efofex Teacher Resource Project to menus


November 25 2015

  • Fix fault which could cause deletion of registration information


November 20 2015

  • Fix File load error for Qt 5.5


November 17 2015

  • Fix license file fault for perpetual licenses.


November 14 2015

  • Improve handling of functions that included large horizontal sections. FX Graph was detecting these as a sequence of steps.
  • Fix JPG, GIF and TIFF support
  • Recompile to Qt5.5 framework.


November 2 2015

  • Initial Public Release of FX Graph 6


November 2 2015

  • Improvements to Integration with Word

V5.007.4b (Windows only)

October 27 2015

  • Rebuild - No specific changes

V6 Beta 4

August 15 2015

  • Implement annotations in 3D mode
  • Fix rendering of screen points
  • Enable OLE Integration

V6 Beta 3

July 31 2015

  • Public beta release

V5.007.4a (Windows only)

July 15 2015

  • More work on OLE helper program to address Microsoft issues

V6 Beta 2

June 15 2015

  • Public beta release

V6 Beta 1 (Windows only)

June 6 2015

  • First public beta release

V5.007.4 (Windows only)

March 11 2015

  • More work on OLE helper program to address Microsoft issues

V5.007.3a (Windows only)

January 29 2015

  • Update OLE Helper program to fix multiple invocations

V5.007.3 (Windows only)

January 27 2015

  • Update OLE Helper program to fix PowerPoint support


November 24 2014

  • Add consistency checking to pen loads
  • Permit use of fractional bases on logs


November 15 2014

  • Update to Licence Manager 2.002.3 which prevents fault where perpetual licences not found
  • Add licence location to each found licence
  • Fix renew subscription in -1 days fault


November 10 2014

  • Add Check/Update Details option
  • Add Refer A Friend option
  • Add Renew Subscription option
  • Fix support for AllowRegistration=0
  • Fix issue with annotations no honoring Use Exact Values setting
  • Fix issue with exact values on Mac
  • Fix Windows 8.1 fault with points

V5.006.4 (Mac Only)

September 24 2014

  • Fix spacing issues in annotation editor (Mac only)


September 22 2014

  • Fix issues with filmstrip on Mac


September 11 2014

  • Fix Extract Graphics from Word
  • Fix integrals with functions undefined at a point
  • Recompile on Win 8.1


August 8 2014

  • Fix regression in OLE object linking (FXOleWrapperFXG)
  • Fix exact value issue when x = 0
  • Improve accuracy of vertical asymptotes when one side not defined
  • Fix small issue in table of values properties screen


August 4 2014

  • Fix issue with < and > in annotations
  • Fix sizing issue with new graphics
  • Add copy of graphic command
  • Fix issue with cis in locales where , is used as the decimal point
  • Reinstitute green tick when connected to PowerPoint


July 7 2014

  • Add preferences interview
  • Fix issue loading V3 graphs which included tangent lines
  • Fix issue with interpreting parametric equations in non-standard format


June 10 2014

  • Fix issues with connections when users perform actions out of order
  • Fix exact values fault


May 20 2014

  • Add ability to merge files
  • Change Add Graphic icon to +
  • Improve handling of files with multiple graphics
  • Fix importation of JPG files on Windows 8
  • Fix cropping of graphics that contain floodfill


May 7 2014

  • Fix issue with generation of half planes for functions like y >= 2/x
  • Fix issue with Use Solid Shading parameter not being setable
  • Allow use of ` to represent degress in xMax and yMax


April 23 2014

  • Fix issue with vertical asymptotes
  • Fix issue setting default annotation fonts
  • Fix issue with arrowheads in slope fields
  • Change interpretation of lowercase vectors in graph annotations
  • Fix issue with log scales


April 17 2014

  • Fix issue preventing registration from being successful on some systems
  • Fix display issue for negative numbers in ordered pairs


April 1 2014

  • Add support for /Name, /Code and /Licences command line parameters in installer
  • Add support for caching registration files to user profile (Windows)
  • Allow use of solid shading when functions include points or vectors
  • Add support for FXRegistration7
  • Add support alternative AllUsers location for Word
  • Fix problem refining vertical asymptotes when function was undefined for a large part of domain (eg lnx)/li>
  • Fix "bounceback" problem on Macs


February 14 2014

  • Add support for networked licence files


February 13 2014

  • Finish Master Code trial and disable system


February 3 2014

  • Fix problem with early expiry of evaluation versions
  • Fix preventing editing of deltas and values for constants
  • Greatly improve accuracy of vertical asymptote determination
  • Reduce sensitivity on calculation of points of inflection


January 16 2014

  • Fix sizing error when editing OLE object
  • Reduce sensitivity of find rationals for exact values
  • Add support for new Master Codes
  • Fix loading of FX Graph 4 annotations
  • Fix loading of early version FX Graph 5 annotations
  • Implement Ctrl+E to edit graph
  • Implement Ctrl+R as green check shortcut
  • Fix issue with complex numbers on Mac
  • Fix issue editing options for functions not first on list
  • Add handling of sqrt in complex functions


November 5 2013

  • Fix OLE integration into PowerPoint


October 14 2013

  • Fix issue with less than in annotations
  • Fix issue extra domain marks being generated on inverse functions


September 25 2013

  • Remember last file open/save location


September 17 2013

  • Fix issue with integral annotations


September 17 2013

  • Fix slight sizing issue on line widths


September 16 2013

  • Fix issue with line widths including sizes changing cross platform. Lines now remember widths as strings


September 9 2013

  • Fix fault with annotations moving when created via OLE


August 5 2013

  • Allow annotations to be selected by clicking on their anchor lines


July 23 2013

  • Update FX Graph to FX Equation 6 code (with FX Autoquate and new annotations)
  • Fix issue with algebra system that could cause crash on exit
  • Remove some extraneous code that could cause issues on some networks
  • Change rendering of ticks on axes/li>
  • Fix issue on half plane shading when using dots
  • Fix complex number processing on Mac version


April 1 2013

  • Add unlock button to expired version screen
  • Remove Apply button from some screens
  • Fix error which made FX Graph erroneously look for vertical asymptotes


March 28 2013

  • Make exact value detection switchable
  • Fix -0 display glitch
  • Fix display error with functions which are undefined over a range/li>


March 14 2013

  • Fixed issue with OLE system that was truncating files


February 25 2013

  • Fixed issue with multiple points/domains
  • Improved handling of temporary OLE filenames
  • Changed integration with PowerPoint
  • Fixed ShowScale/ShowTicks reversal


January 22 2013

  • Fixed issue with loading FX Graph 3 graphs
  • Fixed issue with extracting OLE objects from Word documents


December 20 2012

  • Implement one code, two platforms policy


December 11 2012

  • Fixed issue saving some defaults
  • Fixed issue with cancelling on close
  • Increase number of equation formatting commands available


November 9 2012

  • Fixed issue with perpetual licence codes
  • Fixed issue deleting all lines of an annotation


November 2 2012

  • Fixed connect issue which could cause crash
  • Fixed connect issue which could prevent update of main toolbar


November 1 2012

  • Fixed single click in Word OLE issue
  • Fixed saved state issue on Windows machines
  • Fixed rendering of log2 style annotations
  • Fixed error in shading some feasible regions
  • Fixed permission error on Mac machines


October 2 2012

  • Change behaviour when connecting. Fixes possible crash
  • Fixed zoom support
  • Allow user to change bitmap resolutions
  • Add graph size on status bar
  • Fix fixed scales
  • Fix issue with black BMP files on Windows machines
  • Improve support for floating (blank) annotations


September 25 2012

  • Fix issue recognising , as decimal point
  • Fix issue converting numbers to strings when , as decimal point
  • Improve detection of points of interest
  • Improve detection of exact values (rationals)
  • Fix formatting of complex points
  • Fix issue which could cause crash when displaying complex numbers
  • Fix tooltip for points mode
  • Fix issue with separators
  • Fix line size change on broken functions (eg gint)


July 11 2012

  • Fix failure to load help file and manual


June 26 2012

  • Updated FXLicenceManager
  • Lock annotations onto derivative curves
  • Change vertical asymptote detection
  • Improve handling of horizontal asymptotes when using constants
  • Fix display of annotations where we have a constant multiplied by a number
  • Work on gint function
  • Fix issue where functions undefined at a point (eg log) were producing derivatives of zero

V5.001.1 (Win)

June 13 2012

  • Initial Public Release FX Graph 5 for Windows


June 13 2012

  • Fix issue with gint
  • Fix issue with derivatives of log functions

V5.001.0 (Mac)

May 11 2012

  • Initial public release of FX Graph 5 for Mac


May 8 2012

  • Fix issue with arrows on functions


April 24 2012

  • Add margins to graph triming.
  • Fix custom colours


February 24 2012

  • Reinstate fixed graph trimming and graph extraction features.


February 18 2012

  • Removed graphic trimming feature which has been causing errors on some computers


February 17 2012

  • Removed Extract to Mac feature which may have been causing issues on some computers


February 12 2012

  • Updated word integration files


February 2 2012

  • Fixed issue using pi on axes. Fault introduced in 4.004.1


January 16 2012

  • Added Ribbon support for Word 2007/2010
  • Improved cropping of returned graphics - especially useful for equal aspect graphs
  • Fixed issue with selecting white rectangle annotations
  • Added support for extracting graphs for use in FX Graph 5 for Mac
  • Fixed issue with rendering of some annotations


October 5 2011

  • Fixed potential infinite loop in vertical asymptote checking


September 27 2011

  • Fixed loading of some old FX Graph 3 and FX Graph 2 files
  • Fixed fault in handling of delete key


June 30 2011

  • Added ability to show lines to points
  • Added option to turn off dotted lines on domain breaks
  • Fixed issues with gint function
  • Fixed issue with drawn background
  • Fixed issue with feasible regions if x >= 0 or y >= 0 involved.
  • Added prompt when overwriting existing files using Save As


May 11 2011

  • Fixed fault in File/Save As which was not recognising new name
  • Fixed font size fault in Print and Print/Preview (fault added in 4.003.0)


April 23 2011

  • Fixed error plotting points - fault inadvertently added in 4.001.9


April 14 2011

  • Improved detection of oblique asymptotes


March 15 2011

  • Fixed issue graphing some inequalities (eg |x| < 5)
  • Changed labels on shading options to avoid confusion
  • Improved selection of integrals on screen
  • Fixed support for constants in domains
  • Fixed issues with translation of constant controller messages


December 17 2010

  • Updated Swedish language translation
  • Fixed issue with blank annotations when graph zoomed
  • Fixed issue with loss of translation when choosing File New
  • Added translation strings for constant controllers
  • Fixed issue with integrals not reliably attaching to points of interest


December 13 2010

  • Fixed errors displaying text when in different locale
  • Made attaching integrals to points of interest easier
  • Fixed link to Help file
  • Changed handling of constants to avoid errors showing sliders
  • Added support for scalars in vectors


November 17 2010

  • Fixed translation of menu when embedding an object


November 16 2010

  • Fixed fault with saving of shading type


November 16 2010

  • Add support for localized defaults
  • Automatically choose language based on locale
  • Add support for default files for use by network admins
  • Fix issue with standard axes buttons overriding user set defaults


November 4 2010

  • Fix fault right clicking on integrals
  • Improve rendering of select rectangle


October 18 2010

  • Add test for spurious mouse move events which cause CPU racing condition on some computers


October 15 2010

  • Stop quick entry screen overwriting changes made on other screens.
  • Change how FX Graph draws dotted regions for inequalities to improve speed.


October 12 2010

  • Fix fault which found non-existant point discontinuities in some situations.


October 11 2010

  • Fix 5 > |z| interpretation


October 7 2010

  • Fix support for asin, acos and atan
  • Fix fault which prevented inequalities being graphed as solid shapes in some circumstances
  • Fix support for Apply button
  • Fix issue which generated piecewise defined function overlays when not Cartesian functions


September 15 2010

  • Add ability to turn off first run window
  • Add ability to select if annotation moves with the point it is attached to
  • Add Plot As Points feature
  • Add Swedish language file
  • Fix issue with constant controllers capturing keystrokes
  • Fix issue with constants not linking on file load
  • Fix problem with FX Graph 3 file support
  • Fix issue with menus not honoring language files
  • Fix issue with display of integrals in some locales


September 10 2010

  • Added support for FX LicenceManager
  • Fixed problem displaying 2nd derivatives
  • Fixed issue with complex functions not always using Re(z) and Im(z)


August 31 2010

  • Fixed crash when entering functions in Function Properties screen
  • Improved handling of malformed functions


August 25 2010

  • Initial Public Release of Version 4!


27th April 2010

  • Changed handling of registration codes


22nd April 2010

  • Allowed for privileges escalation under Vista


23rd March 2010

  • Fixed fault that sometimes showed expired message
  • Added case insensitivity
  • Fixed acos function when used with degrees


27th March 2009

  • Added sgn function
  • Fixed [|x|] entry style for gint
  • VS2010 Build
  • New digital certificate


7th January 2009

  • Changed behaviour when activated in place to prevent Office issue
  • Implemented preload option for OpenOffice support


4th December 2008

  • Added feature for control of registration and updates in networked situations


2nd October 2008

  • Fixed fault with rearranging of x+4(y+1)=1 type equations


7th June 2008

  • Fixed problem with premature expiration of evaluation period
  • Fixed shading fault with inequations


11th March 2008

  • Fixed problem with Personal Use Perpetual Licence registrations


25th February 2008

  • Fixed fault the prevented FX Graph from correctly interpreting some functions


2nd January 2008

  • Allow for domain with implicitly defined functions


21st November 2007

  • Fixed fault the prevented FX Graph from correctly interpreting some functions


13th November 2007

  • Support for f(x) = entry
  • Improved startup time when checking for updates


6th September 2007

  • Add gint function
  • Added feature for control of registration and updates in networked situations


8th June 2007

  • Fix fault that prevented recognition of outright purchase codes


7th June 2007

  • Add support for subscription expiry notification
  • Improved support for feasible regions
  • Check for instances of Word before installation


5th February 2007

  • Added support for Vista



  • Changes to versions prior to this not currently available

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