FX Library Terms, Conditions & FAQ

Using The Resources

In summary, if you are an Efofex subscriber and work in a school, you can copy and/or modify the FX Library materials and use them with your students. We hope that this material will help you write your tests, worksheets, exams, presentations and any other educational materials. You cannot claim copyright over the FX Library materials or present them as your own work.


Who are the questions/materials for?

We are providing the materials for teachers in schools. If you are a teacher in a school (or similar context) you are welcome to use the questions/materials freely in just about any manner. Most other usages of our questions/materials are prohibited. In particular, you are expressly prohibited from using our materials in any context where the aim is to generate a profit.

Can I photocopy the questions/materials for use by my students?


Can I copy questions/materials and paste them into my own documents?


Do I have to include the Efofex Software copyright notice on my own documents if I have included some of your questions/materials?


Can I use your questions/materials to generate a profit?


Can I use the questions/materials on my website/PowerPoint presentation/Moodle...?

It depends. If your usage is within the context of a teacher of students at an educational institution, YES. If you want to use the materials for profit, NO.

I am a home-schooling parent. Can I use your materials?


I am a student and want to use your products for revision. Can I use them?

YES (but make sure to tell your teachers how good they are!)

Can I modify your questions/materials for my own use?


If I modify your questions, can I claim copyright?

It depends. If the modifications are substantial, YES. If the modifications are trivial or superficial, NO. Using the Parameter Regeneration feature of our products is NOT a substantial modfication

I am a professional tutor. Can I use your materials with my students?


Can I republish your materials?


I think that I might be able to use your materials but don't seem to fit any of your FAQs. What do I do?

Send us an email describing what you want to do (to info@efofex.com) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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