FX Online (Beta)

Create Mathematically Powerful Web Materials

FX Online is a retooled version of FX Draw, focused on creating mathematically powerful web materials. If you know how to use FX Draw, you are well on your way to creating and hosting web-based mathematical materials. You are only limited by your imagination

Draw Anything

FX Online takes FX Draw and makes it bigger. Just about any graphic that a mathematics teacher will ever need can be drawn using FX Draw's highly specialized tools but FX Online adds the ability to create a more interactive and informative web experience - and the capabilities of FX Online will only grow. Our aim is to create a fully-featured mathematical publishing system for the web.

Reuse Your Knowledge

FX Online will feel very familiar to anyone who has used FX Draw. The new features mean that there are new things to learn but FX Online's learning curve will be very shallow for FX Draw users.

Customisable Content

FX Online allows you to add hidable hints, answers and solutions to your materials. Solutions can be set to display line-by-line. Even better, you can publish one FX Online lesson set with, or without, the hidable content. This allows you to create your lesson, and its solutions, in one process


You can create customised teaching materials to introduce a topic. You can publish online question sets and provide the answers interactively. You can allow your students to publish their own materials in a mathematically powerful environment. You can include materials from other sources like videos and websites. You are only limited by your imagination.


We have created a small number of sample lesson sets so you can see some of the capabilities of FX Online. Introduction to FX Online takes you through some of the basic ideas. Spiralling Triangles shows an investigative task, while Introduction to Trigonometry (Part 1) shows you how FX Online can be used to introduce ideas. Finally, Year 10 Test and Year 10 Test with Solutions show how one FX Online file can be configured to provide different output.

The Future

We have released FX Online a bit earlier than we wanted to, to support teachers who are designing remote teaching materials during the coronavirus crisis. This means that we have not yet included a number of powerful tools and features that we have planned. Keep an eye on FX Online's development as it dramatically increases your ability to publish relevant mathematical materials on the web.

Trial Versions

These trial versions work in exactly the same way as the registered versions, they just overlay a watermark over all graphics. Logging in to the software with your account details turns them into full versions. Try out all of the features in FX Draw and the new FX Online.

Take A Look

This short video will introduce you to some of the power of FX Online.

Feature List

Web based tools

  • Add hidable Hints, Answers and diagrams. Push a button to show them on screen.
  • Add progressively displayed solutions so that students can see just as much as they need to understand the material.
  • Embed third-party videos directly into your lesson sets.
  • Embed external websites into your lesson sets.

Geometric Diagrams

  • Inbuilt geometry system that understands tangents, perpendiculars, parallel lines, common tangents, angle bisectors and equal lengths lines. Makes drawing geometric diagrams intuitive.
  • Multiple tools to draw lines including end points, mid points, rise/run and length/angle.
  • Over twenty arrow types for lines including parallel line marks and circles.
  • Multiple tools to draw circles including centre/point on circumference, diameter, circle defined by three points and circle inscribed in square.
  • Compass like drawing tools. Can be used to simulate geometric constructions.
  • Quickly mark and annotate angles with a selection of ten different mark types.
  • Six specialized triangle drawing tools that allow you to quickly draw any triangle.
  • Triangles understand in-centres, circum-centres, centroids and orthocentres.
  • Seven specialized quadrilateral drawing tools that allow you to quickly draw rectangles, kites, parallelograms, rhombuses and trapeziums.
  • Highly efficient point-marking tool to mark and annotate important points on your geometric diagram.
  • Option to automatically mark and annotate important points when drawing geometric diagrams.
  • Multiple arc and ellipse tools that allow you to construct exactly the arc/ellipse you need.
  • Regular polygon tools that allow you to draw squares to regular 30000-gons.

Drawing Tools

  • 180 and 360 degree protractors that can be added to any diagram
  • A ruler tool that allows you to show accurate measurements. The ruler can be totally customised including negative values.
  • Bitmaps, PNG and JPEG files can be pasted into FX Online. This allows you to use FX Online's specialized mathematical tools to annotate real situations.
  • Draw Bezier curves and smoothed lines.
  • Advanced dynamic flood fill tool.
  • Free rotation and reflection of objects.

Text/Equation Entry

  • FX Online includes our FX Autoquate technology which allows you to easily mix equations and normal text. The system automatically detects which bits need to be formatted as equations.
  • FX Online includes our full FX Equation product which makes equation entry as quick as typing.
  • For a full list of the features of the in-built equation system, visit the FX Equation page.
  • FX Online adds lists and tables to FX Draw's text tools

Function Graphs

  • FX Online includes our full FX Graph graphing tool which allows you to quickly create and annotate any graph.
  • Quick, visual function entry system that allows you to simply type the function but shows you exactly how it is interpreting your entry.
  • Graph Cartesian functions, inverse functions, polar functions, parametric functions, implicitly defined functions, points, vectors, Argand diagrams, slope fields, piecewise defined functions, domains, inequations and feasible regions.
  • Show families of curves, demonstrate transformational graphing and create animations.
  • For a full list of the features of the function graphing tool, visit the FX Graph page.

Statistical Graphs

  • FX Online includes our full FX Stat graphing tool which allows you to quickly create statistical data and graphs.
  • Create data sets which fit fifteen different probability functions, including time-series data and bivariate data. The data generators allow you to quickly create questions.
  • Automatically calculate summary statistics for data sets.
  • Graph raw data, grouped data and frequency tables.
  • Draw column graphs, bar graphs, pie graphs, box and whisker plots, cumulative frequency graphs, dot plots, stem and leaf diagrams, line graphs, frequency polygons, histograms, cumulative histograms, back-to-back histograms, divided bar graphs, scatterplots, residuals graphs, link graphs and triangle graphs.
  • For a full list of the features of the statistical graphing tool, visit the FX Stat page.

Specialized Tools

  • Bearings diagram tool.
  • Normal distribution drawing tool.
  • Number line tool. Vertical and horizontal numbers. Draw x = a, x > a, x < a, x <= a, x >= a and x <> a.
  • Two and three circle Venn diagrams with easy shading of regions.
  • Graph paper tool. Create Cartesian, isometric, hexagonal and polar grids and dot papers. Create log and log/log papers.
  • Unit circle tool.
  • Tree diagram drawing tool.
  • Clock tool. Draw fully customisable clock faces with or without hands.
  • Isometric drawings. Create an isometric grid that allows you to easily create isometric drawings.

Gallery of Objects

  • FX Online is supplied with hundreds of predrawn, gallery objects.
  • Galleries include chance processes, circle geometry, dominoes, environmental images, hexominoes, isometric diagrams, Menger's sponge, optical illusions, pentominoes, Platonic solids, prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders, pulley systems, regular polygons, Sierpinksi's triangle, the snowflake curve, simultaneous equations, spheres, hemispheres, latitude/longitude problems, tangrams, tesselations, triangles and trigonometry diagrams."
  • Each gallery image is dynamic and fits the available space. More flexible than clipart.
  • Gallery images can be broken into component parts.

Output Options

  • High resolution bitmaps, PNG, TIF and JPG files.
  • Vector based SVG files.
  • Insertable OLE object.

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