MultiDocs by Efofex

Turning Microsoft Word Into A Mathematics Document Factory

Introducing MultiDocs


A multidoc is a Microsoft Word document, full of Efofex drawings and equations, that can regenerate itself at the push of a button

New numbers. New solutions. All done a mathematically consistent way

Imagine being able to have one version of a test for the morning group, another for the afternoon group and a third for those students who are away. Next year, push the button again for another set of new versions!

One Document, Multiple Versions. That's a MultiDoc!

Introduction To MultiDocs

MultiDocs are an incredibly powerful new tool for mathematics teachers that can greatly improve your productivity. Start here for information on what they are and how they work.

Using MultiDocs

Any teacher can use a MultiDoc to create a new version of a test, worksheet or exam. You do not need to know anything about using Efofex products like FX Draw and FX Equation

Moving to MultiDocs

If you have used Efofex products before, you will have questions on how to move to the new system and what to do with your old documents.

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