Dead Easy or Incredibly Powerful - You Decide

Level 1 users can push a button to generate an entirely new version of an existing document. You do not need to know anything about FX Draw or FX Equation. You can even produce new, fully worked solutions without understanding the mathematics! Level 1 is for everyone.

Level 2 users use existing materials to build a new MultiDoc . You do not need to know anything about FX Draw or FX Equation but you do need to know how to use Word. Efofex is providing an always expanding collection of materials (FX Library) that can be used by Level 2 users. Level 2 is for busy teachers.

Level 3 is using the power of FX Draw and FX Equation to create your own questions. This is how mathematics teachers have used our products for decades - as a highly customised environment for mathematics teachers to create graphics and equations. You need to understand how to use \ FX Draw and FX Equation but you do not need to explore the more complicated aspects of MultiDocs. Level 3 is for long-term FX Draw/FX Equation users who want to move to a more efficient, platform-independent system.

Level 4 provides publishers, content creators and interested teachers with an incredibly powerful tool for the creation of regeneratable mathematical materials. You will be exploring all of the power of FX Draw and FX Equation. Challenging... but rewarding! Level 4 is for teachers and authors who want to massively enhance their productivity.